DigiTech Vocalist Live 2
DigiTech Vocalist Live 2

Vocalist Live 2, Vocal Processor from DigiTech in the Vocalist series.


DigiTech Vocalist Live 2 : Anonymous 's user review


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First post: May 2008
The DIGITECH Vocalist Live 2 aims to create vocal harmonies thanks to a technology based on the recognition of guitar chords.
It presents as an aluminum watch case from about 25 X 25 cm, with two pedals pressure in its lower part and rglage commands in faade. The connections of the various inputs (guitar, microphone) are made on the rear bracket with Jack or XLR.
48V supply for the microphone is included, and a tuner for guitar.


The operating principle is simple but effective:
- You plug your guitar or its low (pralablement accorded, it is mandatory for a walk) on a prvue between this, the micro singer also;
- When playing the instrument embeds technology, which responds to the sweet name of "MusiQ" recognizes the melodic component of it and decomposes;
- The song is then doubled or tripled the third or fifth in the crowd, according to initial rglages effectus and chords or notes that you play. Magic!


I use the Live Vocalist for six months now and I can not get enough. The ease of use and most importantly, the results obtained are bluffing that we can not do without.
Another point not ngligeable, the pedal allows you to learn to sing better, because it systematically reproduces the note pitch errors: one is condemned apply;-)
The sound quality is at the rendezvous, the harmony voices as a true copy of the original voice (in other words, if you have a beautiful voice, the harmonies are beautiful, if you have a voice falsetto, you will also falsetto harmonies of nature is unfair).

For example, a song or lead vocal is tripled thanks to the Vocalist and, subsequently, the three voices are themselves triple (relative time / efficiency hitherto unknown): https://fr.audiofanzine.com/compos/titres/index,idproduit,124592.html

Another example harmonies with one voice!

As you can hear, I do not have a terrible voice and the unit using essentially the CORRECTNESS of choirs, no improvement of the singer's voice.

Update December 2008: I am still very happy with my Vocalist Live and I does not add or subtract anything prcdent my opinion. However, I now turn to the "dcrocher" under certain conditions. Let me explain: by keeping only the harmony voice recording and augments with certain agreements, where the third or the fifth prsents are the fundamental note, the technology has trouble choosing make notes; concrete example, the choirs the end of this piece o If minor aug5 followed by Do add9 almost similar agreements are "wobble" voices produced!
Unbelievable but true ...:-)

Update March 2009: even a small piece with two voices choirs, transformed into six using the Live Vocalist: https://fr.audiofanzine.com/compos/titres/index,idproduit,143609.html.
FYI, after eighteen months of use, I'm still happy. It's really a great investment. For information, prices start really be affordable: https://www.thomann.de/fr/digitech_vocalist_2_live.htm?sid=1e695d2789e92bd16b3a11137c4a087e


For all these reasons, I put it without hsiter the highest rating because it really is a life changing product, such was able to do the invention of Bob Moog synth or bass electric Leo Fender. I took all my little music with the Live Vocalist and r-recorded all voice: this is the day and the night between the two versions!
Do not hesitate, it is that has happens: https://mp3.audiofanzine.com/jhq

Update June 2008: I just read on the US site Digitech the rack version of the Live Vocalist compatible Midi Keyboard is now available! http://www.digitech.com/products/Vocalistlivepro/index.php

At HIGHLIGHTING it's more expensive, but the functionalities are much more numerous; then ...</a>