TC-Helicon Correct
TC-Helicon Correct

Correct, Vocal Processor from TC-Helicon in the VoiceTone series.

ColDay 12/07/2010

TC-Helicon Correct : ColDay's user review


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Everything has been said on this subject, it is a magical boiboite can highlight the song.


The configuration is simple for me: yet I have used the mode "Full Auto")


My feedback will be interesting for category of people.
Let me explain: 5 years ago I climbed a rock band with my sister. We are both lead singers (I'm more rhythm guitarist and keyboardist), but our voices are different, including power issue.
In the middle of 2 guitars, bass, drums and keyboards, my sister has always struggled to be heard (it's a unanimous return to the public).
Last weekend was his birthday, and we offered this pedal. We therefore tested in the repeat that followed.
The word that we all came directly: MAGIC. We had never heard her sing as clearly, even on pieces very pêchus.
It's simple: the song is simply put forward, the lyrics are intelligible (finally). In short, that's all we wanted.

Curious, I also tried it in the end again.
My conclusion: I just bought a hand for me too.
I did not hurt me to hear in normal group, but this pedal gives me comfort. I no longer need to force my song on the big rock, I control much better my voice effects. I get along better, simply.


We found this toy last weekend, so I'm not a big drop when its use. But he made us very strong impression.

My overall opinion is that it will greatly simplify our task repeats and coffee / concerts (for the live big, we have a sound engineer who works very well voice). Plugged into our mixer set on a slice "while at noon," the song sounds directly, without need for adjustment, which is pretty cool!

Small negative points:
- The environment tends to move into the microphone in addition to singing. A small adjustment of the compressor will probably do.
- Pitch correction is not really usable in our case. It prevents certain nuances of singing. We certainly will not use it (it's no big deal, just sing when we hear it!: P)