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Wave Arts plugins updates

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Wave Arts announce that they have just updated all of their plugins.

The latest versions are as follows:

The latest versions can be downloaded and installed at no upgrade fee for registered users at Wave Arts' website. The bugs/issues fixed in these version are listed below.

All formats

  • Fixed missing mkl_wavearts.dll in Windows Dialog installer.
  • Fixed bug that could cause false noise learning trigger in Dialog and MR Noise.
  • Fixed Dialog limiter enable affecting compress section preset modified.
  • Increased size of MR Click event buffer to fix display with small audio buffer sizes.
  • Updated PN and TP section presets to fix missing section preset issues.
  • Tools->Use As Default now works properly, loads selected preset when GUI opens for the first time.
  • To cancel "Use As Default", select Tools->Use As Default menu item holding SHIFT key.
  • Fixed possible crash with Windows 64-bit plugs when closing GUI due to text edit window not deleted.
  • Main preset bar shows first preset matching current parameters, else modified preset with "*".
  • Section presets show first preset matching current parameters, else modified preset with "*".
  • TS2 now reports latency to host for delay compensation.

VST format

  • Windows VST 32-bit install defaults to "C:Program Files (x86)Vstplugins" if it already exists, else "C:Program Files (x86)SteinbergVstplugins".
  • Windows VST 64-bit install defaults to "C:Program FilesVstplugins" if it already exists, else "C:Program FilesSteinbergVstplugins".

AU format

  • Fixed possible crash when AU plug was receiving continuous automation during plug-in closing.

AAX format

  • Fixed AAX window creation/deletion causing AudioSuite crashes in Avid MC8.
  • Fixed AAX parameter knob displays not in sync with values.
  • Fixed Win 64 AAX text entry.
  • Fixed latency compensation in AAX.
  • Fixed missing Undo button in TBS AAX.
  • Changed MD AAX presets to use vintage Peak mode, old presets caused modified "*" indicator because clean mode not supported in AAX.
  • Changed Trackplug AAX presets to use only vintage Peak/RMS/Warm modes, old presets with clean modes caused modified "*" indicator because clean mode not supported in AAX.
  • Corrected swapped ranges for Dialog AAX de-plode and de-ess freqs: deplode now ranges 20-20kHz and de-ess ranges 2kHz-8kHz. This was causing "*" indicators when loading presets.
  • Fixed Open Manual for AAX plugs by correcting manual path.
  • Mac AAX plugs use new PS5 manual.
  • Updated PS AAX DSP installers to use new PS5 manual.

Also, a new video has been released to illustrate Panorama's 3D audio processing capacities:

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