Korg Triton Le 61
Korg Triton Le 61

Triton Le 61, Workstation from Korg in the Triton series.

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gravili 03/29/2004

Korg Triton Le 61 : gravili's user review


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General features interesting.

My 61-key keyboard and keyboard sucks! the keys are smaller than normal, so if I swear to you, take a ruler, measure the keys you will see that they are smaller! So how do you play correctly? I have large hands and I'm embarrassed!

The controllers are the pitch bend of korg is excellent.

The screen is adequate and not too complicated editing but sometimes to get excited before finding the right page (this comes with time).

For it is against light is very transportable.


The general configuration is generous and you can do anything with. Sequencer, sampler, arpeggiator rhythm etc. .. The configuration can really do everything.

Editing sounds is easy, but sometimes you look before you get where you want.

For I repeat against the keyboard is too small and no one feels cramped, the keys are too small. Personally I put him in because of this expander.


The sounds are great, although I prefer some of my Trinity V3. I find it too serious, and sometimes I find that the sounds are quite varied, they are many but they are similar.

There are many different style groove and techno and I'm starting to be bored! It could be something else.


Good machine in general, it lacks a real drive, a good keyboard. The sounds are good and the machine makes you want to play with.