Korg Krome 61
Korg Krome 61

Krome 61, Workstation from Korg in the Krome series.

TontonFunk 10/27/2013

Korg Krome 61 : TontonFunk's user review

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Referer is on the manufacturer's website, a lot of features on paper but not very present when playing dessus.Jamais uses a computer with no need even though it is rather ergonomic.


The use and edition of the sounds are not all that difficult thanks to the screen of krome is flashy, the manual is clear especially as I worked on a lot of Korg so I'm quickly spotted me .


It is well known that the organ sound good but in korg pianos, rhodes and organs sound really good no worries on that side of the drum kits are realistic but too realistic too rock to me I prefer the analog kits that this synth does not sound tout.Les kits hip hop are also means the company does still percussion and rhythms pas.Les interested me drumtrack are catastrophic, there are too many and there are few who turn to the square because most are breaks, I would prefer the opposite. The rest I did not like it at all, the synth sounds are zero, means pads, such redundant but inaudible in a set and that is why I sold it ... quickly.


I used about 6 months and I was happy to buy and happy to sell after being spotted me at the level it was a flop synth as bizzare M50 I had more grip with the Micro x like what is happening ca ..
But the quality of krome and these predecessors is currently reviewing everything is plastic it is disappointing that a strength plastok throughout their products.
I really like the ergonomics finally the screen is bright and colorful can easily compose pieces around noon and connect with other synths as a North lead 2x that I was then. This is simple.Les effects it has tons but many sea. fanciful as some sounds of world music or other, we listen to them once, but not both.
Rather disappointed with this keyboard that has a good design, beautiful color again a beautiful screen sounds good to very good but the rest of rhodes unusable.