Korg Kronos 61
Korg Kronos 61

Kronos 61, Workstation from Korg in the Kronos series.

Mickamix 09/28/2011

Korg Kronos 61 : Mickamix's user review

«  compared with a Muse Receptor »

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multisynthese + karma + + sequencer effects
using touch screen


excellent navigation


frankly you have to compare these new keyboards with computer systems for portable Lives / Internships
the sounds are good but the acoustic sounds are lacking. 

Korg boasts of having put 4GB Piano sample ... what about polyphony? the number of sample notes? round robin effect nonexistent gun warranty
You take a "receptor" to "muse research" and you have 40GB of piano at banks with streaming samples, et8 layers rating + sounds of keys etc ... NO COMPARISON! 
against by the right analog c c Korg
MS20 yet? it can be found also in receptor I think.
So $3500 in a keyboard that is eaten by a system "open" a price equivalent I am perplexed.


 I had the M-series and T etc ... And also the Z1 and other Wavestation
I discovered the receptor and plugins for the stage ...
I say farewell and other Korg Roland / Yamaha acoustics. even the analog
I like the Minimoog emulation and much higher than that found with the plugins, and I can live with the ...
Traditional manufacturers are overwhelmed by the power of the hybrid system.
this is a scam. I do not want the keyboard "restrained" by the sample memory and storage.
live with the times..go with a receptor or Muse NEKO concept