Kurzweil K2000 VP
Kurzweil K2000 VP

K2000 VP, Workstation from Kurzweil in the K2000 (série) series.

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davidsynthé 08/09/2005

Kurzweil K2000 VP : davidsynthé's user review


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The K2000VP, released in 1998, was the adaptation of dernire SERIES. Marketed until 2001, the life of a hard K2000 decade. We can not be said of its competitors. For a fter the ingnieurs have lchs, and DCID to dress the latest products in purple: - /. Longva comes mainly from his days rgulires put its OS.

In his beginners in 1991, Kurzweil has proposed a synthse of flexibility and power that only software synths surpass today, a compatibility tense all samplers of a march dynamic management of polyphony, 64MB of RAM Simm, compress 24 MB ROM (it must be seen against the background, the standard c'tait era), the SCSI standard ...

Some time later, a sampling option is available with version 2, with input and output numrique, edition rev growth of samples. Then a version 3 ammen a lot of new as squenceur / arranger of high-powered 32 tracks, one of the disk management compltes (with macros, Boot Loader, disk management tools, compatibility tense many peripherals). There is nothing new in today's world of workstations, except the update of some features (for scsi usb, ram). This is REALLY a compact and autonomous. All innovations are now in the K26XX. The K2000 is inflated EPROM block.


Flexibility is what the caractrise. One can for example edit mode squenceur in a program, then the keymap, then the sample as the machine does not blink.
Ditions of all pages are constructed in identical form, it cohrent trs. There are shortcuts, research tools handy for getting together. All parameters are expressed as values ​​natural resources (Herz, dB), not on a scale of 1 to 100 as Korg and Yamaha ... Using live is a rgal. The squenceur is intuitive, despite the relative smallness of the screen, everything is ditable with batch automatiss.
This keyboard breathing almost artisanal. We feel that it is designed by musicians for musicians.


Prt nest is not to reach the end of synthse VAST. Since 1991, and with all the sounds available on the Internet, we can see the evolution of sound designer in the matrise K2000.

It may be a reader and end trsraliste samples (of 32 layers!), Can provide sound purely analog (96 oscillators!) Thanks some algorithms and some DSP (pr cursor of VA synths), the synthse additive, FM, granular, vector, wavetable and even, albeit with some limitations. Mathmatiques functions are available to make things worse, envelopes, LFOs, filters, warm, and an own identity due inhrent an aliasing, but not dplaisant.
And as a bonus, you can import sounds from the K2600. There is always discovering something new.
The library of samples available is huge (Akai, Roland, Ensoniq, WAV, AIF). Kurzweil CDRom worth the particulirement dtour thanks exemplary programming not found anywhere.


I gave him a long sought replaceable. And I just bought a K2600, I have not found better.
I import all I RALIS in the K2000. What a luxury! Kurzweil is a bit of the Steinway synthtiseurs. Too bad the importation into France is so difficult.