Yamaha MOTIF 7
Yamaha MOTIF 7

MOTIF 7, Workstation from Yamaha in the MOTIF series.

FP User 10/31/2008

Yamaha MOTIF 7 : FP User's user review


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As far as features on the motif, none impressed me more than how well designed the effects integration worked in record mode. If i was sampling a guitar in i could throw a great wah or a phat distortion effect on it like it was a sound originated on the motif. Great mixing facilities in mix mode for all of your sequences as well. I ended up with very pro sounding mixes with some practice and time. The sampling feature is great but it is a bit slow to work out and i wouldnt really recommend for chopping or stretching samples unless you are extremely patient.

Price paid

$2,200 USD


On the outset, this board can seem extremely daunting because of the layout and the small size of the screen. With time i discover that all of the most frequently used functions are well lain out across the board. the rotary encoders and faders all assignable with diverse functions. Perfomances able to be edited LIVE and on the fly to craft yrou sounds in the middle of a song is easy and rewarding. With the addition of supplemental instructional videos made by the geniuses at keyfax you can master your motif workstation in every fascet with a great visual aide and partner in the video instructors using easy to undestand layman terms if you aren't privy to the "geek speak".

I never had to repair anything on this motif yet. The keybed is extremely solidly built with a welcoming aftertouch to the more aggressive or heavier handed of us. The only gribe i have is with the usb noise when using usb as midi with any daw it emits a high pitched whine that has had me reverting to the optical oout that has NO floor noise at all. Jacks are all solidly built and the keyboard is hefty.


The strongest part of the motif sound experience is in the well articulated acoustic and orchestral sounds. They are full and emotive enough for you to express yourself as well as the character of the intrument that you want to emulate with ease and versatility. This is the first time i was ever blown away by organ sounds on a workstation. The rotary effect is pristine and comes across as very lush and natural. The organ sounds are round and full and never sound out of place at all. The bass sounds are a far cry from what's usually offered in the workstation arena as they are extremely realistic and versatile and allow you to cover almost any bass technique you wish to recreate. The only letdown on it was the thin synth sounds. They lacked the full body of some similar sounds found on other boards like the triton, but after some tweaking they were to my liking.


I love this keyboard so much because i got it right as my old board of 10 years was stolen (korg X3) and it's never ceased to help me look like a superstar. The sounds and the feel are totally MY style and i feel like it's now an extention of my person. I dont know what i'd be doing if i hadn't gotten it. I have fallen back in love with music and have began a great relationship with the art of production and sequencing. It's a love thing through and through. THANKS YAMAHA!!!

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Posted by: j-traxx ( 6-, 2005)