Yamaha MOTIF 7
Yamaha MOTIF 7

MOTIF 7, Workstation from Yamaha in the MOTIF series.

moosers 02/08/2009

Yamaha MOTIF 7 : moosers's user review


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The Yamaha Motif 7 is a seven octave portable keyboard synthesizer and music work station. It has a variety of sounds, emulating virtually any instrument you can think of. It has wheel controller for pitch and modulation and has an out for sustain. It has both audio and MIDI inputs and outputs. The sounds include all types of pianos, organs, and strings as well as loops and all other sounds you would expect a keyboard like this to have. It can be either polyphonic or monophonic and has a bunch of onboard effects.


The set up of the Motif 7 is pretty basic overall, but it can take a little while to learn exactly what does what, as there are a lot of ins and outs of this pedal. While it is easy to get a good sound and to see your way though the presets, it is easy to get lost in the windows within the windows as it is sometimes hard to navigate. This being said, if you are experience with keyboards like this, you probably won't have too much trouble. The manual is thorough and is definitley good to have around when learning this machine.


The sounds of this keyboard are varied and eclectic. It comes a wide range of sounds, suitable for all types of music as I have found it to be useful in rock, pop, folk, and dance. It has all types of pianos - acoustic and electric, bass guitars, guitars, organs, strings - cello, violin, orchestra, and a variety of percussion. There is something for just about everyone on this, and most a quite high quality. I use it mostly for electric piano, acoustic piano and organ, but the strings are pretty good sounding too. I'm not a huge fan of the guitar tones on this, but it is hard to emulate a guitar on a keyboard.


I've been using the Yamaha Motif 7 for about four years. It provides me with an all in the box, portable keyboard that gives me a variety of high quality sounds with the click of a button. I would compare this to a Korg Triton as both have similar qualities. To me I like the Motif better, but both are very high quality synthesizers. The price is reasonable when you think about what you are getting, which is a high quality instrument, perfect for both live and studio settings.