Yamaha MOTIF XF6
Yamaha MOTIF XF6

MOTIF XF6, Workstation from Yamaha in the MOTIF series.

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Yamaha Motif XF Mini-Review

Big Bad Workstation
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A big surprise that arrives at the end of 2010 is the new Yamaha Motif XF, which gives a boost to the sound quality and the spontaneity of workstations. So how much more advanced than its competitors is it?

A Snap Shot: A Mini-Review


Yamaha Motif XF

Yamaha Motif XF



Yamaha Motif XF Yamaha Motif XF



Motif Xf Prog Apiano1
  • Motif Xf Prog Apiano102:05
  • Motif Xf Prog Apiano200:33
  • Motif Xf Prog Apiano301:30
  • Motif Xf Prog Wurly00:17
  • Motif Xf Prog Clavinet00:18
  • Motif Xf Prog Bass00:34
  • Motif Xf Prog Strings01:29
  • Motif Xf Prog Vibes00:31
  • Motif Xf Prog Fhorns00:31
  • Motif Xf Prog Rhodes00:37
  • Motif Xf Prog Stabs00:29
  • Motif Xf Prog Synthbass00:24
  • Motif Xf Prog Guitars01:13
  • Motif Xf Prog Accordeon00:26
  • Motif Xf Prog Pads00:35
  • Motif Xf Prog Harpsi00:26




Motif Xf Perf Stripbar
  • Motif Xf Perf Stripbar00:59
  • Motif Xf Perf Raide00:46
  • Motif Xf Perf Blowrio00:59
  • Motif Xf Perf Domination00:35
  • Motif Xf Perf Sexibiza01:11
  • Motif Xf Perf Saute00:38
  • Motif Xf Perf Beat00:27
  • Motif Xf Perf Pornochic00:50




Motif Xf Kit Oak
  • Motif Xf Kit Oak00:25
  • Motif Xf Kit Orchestral00:24
  • Motif Xf Kit Percu00:19
  • Motif Xf Kit Turkish00:27
  • Motif Xf Kit Japan00:30
  • Motif Xf Kit Hiphop00:24
  • Motif Xf Kit Maple00:22

New Features

New features of the XF version (tested with OS 1.12)


We made the most comprehensive list possible of the Motif XF new features (compared with the Motif XS):


- 741 MB extended ROM with more than 50% new samples

- New sounds and arpeggios: 128 voices, 128 performances, 8 drum kits, 1248 arp styles, and 32 masters

- Internal 128 MB SD-RAM for sampling (volatile)

- Two slots for 512 or 1024 MB of optional FlashRam

- Improved file management

- Sample auto-mapping

- Improved category search page. The Main, Sub and Voice lists can be accessed using the software buttons 1-3. You can now search within all waveforms and arpeggios.




Yamaha Motif XF



- Tap tempo function via the software button SF6 in voice, performance, song, pattern, and master modes




Yamaha Motif XF




- Independent settings for both assignable buttons (on the front panel to the left) for each part of a performance or mix



Yamaha Motif XF




- Possibility to keep bass drum and snare sounds between all five arpeggio variations of a Drum program when other kits are programmed in different variations



Yamaha Motif XF




- "Arp Play Only" function for the different channels in performance and mix mode, which allows you to trigger sounds only when the arpeggiator is on



Yamaha Motif XF




- Direct editing of drum programs in mixing mode with the possibility to save the newly created kit (using the "Vce Edit" software button SF6)



Yamaha Motif XF




- Fast conversion into Mixing Voices of samples captured from the song or pattern mode without having to change mode

- Multiple Wav/AIFF loading from the same repertory with auto-chromatic sample assignation across the keyboard within the same multisample

- New key-follow sensitivity parameter for the release segment of the volume envelope



- Customization of the text color and screen layout



























By the end of the test we hadn't finished exploring the Motif XF, which really impressed us with its versatility and power. Motif XS owners who are thinking about upgrading will feel right at home because this new version is clearly an evolution rather than a revolution. Moreover, the newcomer still belongs to the "X" series. The new waveforms are a very valuable addition considering their quality. But above all, people who had to wait minutes for the RAM to reload after a power failure on stage or in the studio, know how priceless the FlashRam option is. The technology was available, the ability to manage it too, and we appreciate the fact that we don't have to wait for the next technological break to enjoy it. With the Motif XF, just switch on and relish: regardless of whether you are on stage or in the studio, it is well ahead of the competition!


Pros Cons
  • Improved sound quality
  • Possibility to add FlashRam
  • Free sample bank
  • Excellent construction quality
  • Numerous, fairly sized controls
  • Well thought-out handling
  • Rather comprehensive synthesis section
  • High-grade, powerful effects
  • Powerful arpeggiators (you could almost say arrangers)
  • Well thought-out pattern/song sequencer
  • Number of available memory locations
  • Capabilities of a master keyboard
  • Only one synthesis form without interaction of oscillators
  • Only one sound layer per note with drum programs
  • Only four programs in Performance mode
  • Only two pairs of stereo outs and only one MIDI out
  • Lack of pads to trigger drums and arp styles
  • Audio integration not as flexible as a real DTD
  • The sampling mode leaves much room for improvement
  • Latency during program load
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