Ecler nuo2
Ecler nuo2

nuo2, 2-Channel Mixer from Ecler.

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naudpoub 05/13/2005

Ecler nuo2 : naudpoub's user review


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2 channels with a micro channel that uses it often, it is enough to make a good mix
The effects loop is done with sending the signal pre or post fader treatment
The kills are great on frquences if we cut the three at the same time, there are more sound coming out
The connectors are standard with two outputs for amplifiers (1 * 1 * 2XLR 2RCA) and REC output RCA phono, is what it takes


It's killing the pure state when it is turned, we take a walk not possible, the faders are to be believed a flexible ball bearing. The cross is the same, a rgal. The cross is parramtrable fana for the scratch. The saw is super-nitre prcis, no surprise when you balance the other way to be in the red saturate a patient. The design is TElement intuitive that the manual can be stored in a drawer, we come out more.


It sends the pure grave. We can turn up the gain as do all the DJ at the end of evening meet 10 dB, it does not care, it scales without grinding.
The kills are great and super useful shortcuts are not bludgeon the pots every time.


I have used one month, it's killing, I advise everyone: beginners as express or techno DJ scratcher crazy hip hop (although the HAK 360 in the same mark is as a REFERENCE). My advice to those who read me, you have to buy this box happiness. It can be expensive for two-way table, but the quality is really at the meeting. Is missing for me, a small Lumire or to make a decision. Can also be a BMOL the guts to 0 on the pots is small, we feel not all the shots, whatever, it's a killing. I'm falling in love with the jewelry, the more I dcroche my ECLER NUO2.