M-Audio Axiom 25
M-Audio Axiom 25

Axiom 25, 25-Key MIDI Keyboard from M-Audio in the Axiom series.

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stompboxjon 03/06/2012

M-Audio Axiom 25 : stompboxjon's user review

« Axiom is one of the better midi keyboards »

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The M Audio Axiom 25 is a great midi keyboard that will work with virtually any computer music software. I am pretty sure at their website they also have updates just in case that for some reason it doesn't work with your DAW or Sequencing program. You can connect using midi cords or usb. I used usb just because for my mobile set up it was a lot easier to use and just plug in.


Its actually really easy to get set up, just plug and play. You may need to update the drivers though but no need to worry they come with the Axiom when you purchase it. Or if you buy it used or lose the disk you can always do it from their website without any problems. M Audio is usually really good with handling their customers and they will do what they can to keep you up and running.
As far as the manual goes, I did have to use it several times because of all the menu options and buttons on the board. It was a little overwhelming to have all of those options on just a midi keyboard. Not to mention and midi keyboard with its own viewing screen. Now the screen isn't too big though its really small but it will do the job.


For the price, which is pretty high. But its worth the buy! There are a lot of midi keyboards on the market today and to me a lot of them basically have the same options but this one actually has a good weight to it. Its not built cheap. Even though its just a 25, they make them all the way up to 88. I have used the 88 before an it felt like I was going through progressions on a real piano. But the keys aren't too heavy so you can still get those quick synth and leads in. I am a happy M audio customer and will continue to be for years to come. I recommend this midi controller.