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25-Key MIDI Keyboards user reviews

  • M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2

    M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2 - "Meh controller, wouldn't recommend"


    I borrowed this off a friend who bought it for about 163 bucks off ebay. It is a basic 25 key MIDI keyboard with 8 Knobs A pitch bend and modulation wheel and some other various buttons. This is a pretty average Midi keyboard, nothing special at all,…

  • M-Audio Axiom 25

    M-Audio Axiom 25 - "Axiom is one of the better midi keyboards"


    The M Audio Axiom 25 is a great midi keyboard that will work with virtually any computer music software. I am pretty sure at their website they also have updates just in case that for some reason it doesn't work with your DAW or Sequencing program. Y…

  • Korg nanoKEY

    Korg nanoKEY - "compact"


    The Korg Nano Key is a great midi keyboard. Korg always brings some of the best midi keyboards on the Market. After using the Axiom 61, I didn’t think that the mini would have much for me. But I gave it a chance and its great, this midi keyboard is …

  • Akai Professional LPK25

    Akai Professional LPK25 - "very portable"


    So far, from playing around with the Akai LPK25 for about an hour, it seems pretty nice. Keys feel good and construction is light but durable. Velocity curve seems OK. Arpeggiator is fun - I thought I wouldn't use it, but maybe I will, since I often …

  • Akai Professional MPK mini

    Akai Professional MPK mini - "Great mini midi controller"


    Number of Keys: 25 velocity-sensitive Pads: 8 velocity-sensitive, light-up MPC-style pads x 2 banks Knobs: 8 assignable controller pots Computer Interface: USB/MIDI only Programs: 4 Octaves: 9 Arpeggiator: Yes Additional controls: Sustain, Tap…

  • M-Audio Axiom 25

    M-Audio Axiom 25 - "Excellent small midi controller"


    M-Audio Axiom 25 MIDI Controller Keyboard Features at a Glance: 25-key velocity-sensitive semi-weighted action keyboard with assignable aftertouch 8 MIDI-assignable trigger pads 8 MIDI-assignable rotary encoder knobs 6 transport…

  • M-Audio Axiom 25

    M-Audio Axiom 25 - Kierkes's review


    The M-Audio Axiom 25 controller is the preferred controller of one of my dear friends, and one day, I got curious, and just had to go sneak a peek. The first thing that struck me about the Axiom was its feel. The thing FELT well made, and looked f…

  • Korg nanoKEY

    Korg nanoKEY - moosers's review


    The Korg NanoKey is a small USB based MIDI controller. It's perfect for bringing on the go and for getting quick ideas. The keyboard has 25 keys, all of which are mini and it's not a realistic feel for a keyboard instrument, feeling more like a com…

  • Novation Remote 25 SL MkII

    Novation Remote 25 SL MkII - moosers's review


    The Novation Remote 25 SL MkII is a 25 key MIDI controller for all types of uses. It comes in a few different sizes in terms of the amount of keys available, with this one being the smallest of the bunch. The controller has connections for MIDI inp…

  • Akai Professional MPK25

    Akai Professional MPK25 - " Excellent product"


    I chose this keyboard for several reasons: - Compactness (I need a keyboard for easy moving live) - The built-in arpeggiator - The number of knobs I plug in my MIDI synths UTILIZATION The touch is very nice, the keys offer a little resistance…