2x12 Guitar Cabinets
Guitar Cabinets 2x12 Guitar Cabinets
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2x12 Guitar Cabinets user reviews

  • Avatar Speakers Contemporary 212

    Avatar Speakers Contemporary 212 - rainwalker's review


    - Guitar Cabinets lctrique Entirely "CUSTOM" self-configure and Avatar conoit same for you as you had imagined. You can choose the color Tolex, grill and plastic wanted from a large variety of color choices and Toff. - We also have the choice of tw…

  • Nameofsound 2x12 XL Vintage Touch Vertical

    Nameofsound 2x12 XL Vintage Touch Vertical - dyingsnow's review


    Hello, so I think we have a very good speaker case, the best I've heard in its category. Not really a finish full of frills, but simple and where we feel the quality workmanship. To compare, I try it on a Peavey 4x12 4x12Mesa and a Mesa Rectifier …

  • Nameofsound 2x12 Vintage Touch Vertical

    Nameofsound 2x12 Vintage Touch Vertical - mike063's review


    ? For how long have you been using it? I use this cabinet for 3 years already ... ? Have you tried many other models before acqurir? I had a marshall 1922 (some shorts made but sounds interresting), a 1960A top to play on a Marshall DSL head o…

  • Diezel 2x12

    Diezel 2x12 - kasimir.phunk's review


    two words: a killer! I play on a head brunetti pirata 141, detune in c # I did not want a 4X12, too heavy too bulky, but to find a 2X12 able to collect the config of my bass ... 1st prize, Framus: large casserole (although in V30), so, I cha…

  • Marshall JVMC212

    Marshall JVMC212 - cestode's review


    Bought new few months ago to replace my JCM900 1960A that I found too pnible displaces for concerts. With the 2x12 is perfect, the weight is reasonable and it does not take me the whole trunk of the car! With regard to the sound ... it is very g…

  • Vox AD212

    Vox AD212 - nico30's review


    hello all, I want to know how I can use speaker with my vox amp pathfinder15r; for not too distorting the sound and make a little power and roundness thank you in advance for your réponce …

  • Thd 2x12 Cab

    Thd 2x12 Cab - Polaroil's review


    Cabinet 160W 2x12 semi-open the rear. Relatively compact and lightweight, single intgre grip on top to avoid vibration. The construction is robust and trs heals, the sober and class. 2 HP plume "THD vintage" and "Longhorn" 80W unclear origin: cele…

  • TAD (Tube Amp Doctor) 2x12 Cabinet

    TAD (Tube Amp Doctor) 2x12 Cabinet - Berzin's review


    I own this cab. There are fitted with two hps G12M for a total impedance of 16 ohms. The cab is well made, offers a more accurate dissemination. It is light and although the wood is close, I think it does not fail safe. I fitted skates to play it str…

  • Orange PPC212C

    Orange PPC212C - dexter236's review


    I think I could résumé Previous by copying which, although fun is more than vridique! <span class="currency_converter_text">Being the proud Owner 'a head Orange Rockerverb <span class="currency_converter_link" title="Convert this Amount">100,</spa…

  • Nameofsound 2x12 XL Vintage Touch Vertical

    Nameofsound 2x12 XL Vintage Touch Vertical - hen's review


    Mount cabinet handmade by V30. The thickness of the wood is not ngligeable (over 2.5 cm) The finishes are impeccable. I use a Gibson SG and a head Standart ORANGE ROCKER 30. I was looking for a speaker not too heavy (wear) but have same when the…