2x12 Guitar Cabinets
Guitar Cabinets 2x12 Guitar Cabinets
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2x12 Guitar Cabinets user reviews

  • Harley Benton G212 Vintage

    Harley Benton G212 Vintage - Philou13bis's review


    Cabinet has received 48 hours notice ... so hot J'aime bcp diffusion of sound in the speaker, good sound projection, and present serious I tried the marshall 1912 and 1960 Unbeatable value for money We will see the strength in time but I am d…

  • Laney LT212

    Laney LT212 - jimilu's review


    I am not the owner of this cabinet .... but I will soon become!! This is the premium brand, the amplifiers of the series "lionheart" is the concentrated know-how Laney, tested for the little 5 watt is a killing, but I digress from the topic opinion…

  • Nameofsound 2x12 XL Black Warrior Vertical

    Nameofsound 2x12 XL Black Warrior Vertical - ethanosriff's review


    I use it for about a year. Size XL can put a head on it quietly, without fear that it moves .. the sound is really nickel, excellent definition, pretty face with its gate. Everything is oriented slightly upwardly thereby get along without losing so…

  • Framus FR212 CS CB

    Framus FR212 CS CB - nico_las's review


    I use it for 1 year with a Plexi 50 MODEL 1968 I find trs well for its price even if I rev the V30 soon lass. I do not know, I do not like them much, too prescriptive, too sharp in the center. In fact, the sound is not and never homogne REPRESENTA…

  • Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 2x12

    Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 2x12 - Pm.'s review


    Horizontal 2x12 baffle 100 watts mono into 8 ohms 2 HP Eminence ( http://www.eminence-speaker.com/ ) P50E 12-inch specially made ​​by Eminence for VHT. We do not find the catalog Eminence. 2 inputs / outputs HP, it plugs into the deuxime nimpor…

  • Fryette Amplification Deliverance 2x12

    Fryette Amplification Deliverance 2x12 - Le Mouk's review


    I have been using less than a month, I have been kindly loaned for a record. And I sold an Engl 4x12 in order to pay me, because after having tasted it, I had the ears or the heart to make it! I play on a rack (VHT Engl570 + BB) in stereo config. …

  • Mesa Boogie Recto 2x12 Vertical Slant

    Mesa Boogie Recto 2x12 Vertical Slant - myriam63660's review


    - Useful for a year and a half. - This is a value Msa sre: the sound is massive and trs flattering (thanks to the oversized box and V30 version 16 ohms) but instead the sound is colder than a msa 4x12 The series of classic (I prfre) ... The more I …

  • Nameofsound 2x12 Vintage Touch Horizontal

    Nameofsound 2x12 Vintage Touch Horizontal - " why take a 4x12?"


    I possde the cabinet in recent months. I'm not the first to make lodges gerard but he and his team are trssrieux mritent and to be trusted. The team are passionate, not merchants as we can find in stores and they take time and pleasure to advise.…

  • Harley Benton G212 Vintage

    Harley Benton G212 Vintage - dexter236's review


    I bought this speaker because it has good reviews. Playing on a Randall RG50TC hp that has a not too bad, I wanted a more dynamic, beefier and more diffuse. I am 150% satisfied. The sound is clear, clean, dynamic, versatile ... who could ask fo…

  • ENGL E212V Pro Slanted 2x12 Cabinet

    ENGL E212V Pro Slanted 2x12 Cabinet - etcaetera's review


    It is a 2x12 guitar cabinet mounted Celestion Vintage 30. I think this cabinet is very balanced. The sounds are powerful and accurate. I use it for more than two years. The price is justified, the quality is go ... if not the wiring inside tha…