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Nexo powered by Yamaha : NXAMP series

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Nexo NXAMP 4x4
News Nexo NXAMP 4x4

4-Channel Power Amp from Nexo

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Nexo SA and YAMAHA presents their first line of products born from their alliance : the NXAMP 4X1 & 4X4 Powered TDcontrolers.

The NXAMP Powered TDcontrolers (loudspeaker Temperature and Displacement controllers), available in two 4-channel sizes, are developed on a DSP control technology allowing multiple voltage/ current/ temperature sense lines from the amplifier’s output, protecting both the amplifiers and power supplies.

NXAMP signal processing is identical on both models, and derived from NX242 TDcontroller. NXAMP uses twin Freescale (formerly Motorola) DSPs.

The TDcontroller function provides high-pass / low-pass filtering, Crossover (different crossovers available on user’s choice), system equalisation, time alignment, pattern control (omni to supercardioid), loudspeakers protection via sensed amplifier output current and voltage (temperature, displacement, acceleration, inter-channels protections). Some Amplifier protections (like Peak Voltage limiter (clip limitation), Peak Current limiter, Very High Frequency protection, Integrate current limiter, DC offset protection and Short circuit protection) are also provided.

NXAMP power supplies are SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply), full resonance types with half bridge converters, and use the Zero Crossing Switch (ZCS) technology. In order to present high power capacity with low load drive, NXAMP4×4 employs four times the structure of a monaural amplifier. In addition, on both models, two converters work synchronize the opposite phase, thus cancelling noise.

Both NXAMP amplifiers employ YAMAHA’s EEEngine technology and are also EtherSound enabled. The output transistor in the final stage uses thin chip technology with a small thermal resistance. An Area of Safety Operation (ASO) limiter circuit is also included. ASO limiting is in analogue, as the limiter attack required is to digital protection and converter latency.

NXAMP 4×1 specifications :
  • Max. output voltage (no load) : 4 × 105Volts.
  • Max. output power (8 Ω) : 4 × 600W.
  • Max. output power (4 Ω) : 4 × 900W.
  • Max. output power (2 Ω) : 4 × 1300W.
  • Power consumption (Standby) : 10W.
  • Power consumption (Idle) : 100W.
  • Power consumption (1/8 Power) : 1100W.
  • Dimensions & Weight : 3U 19” Rack – 457 mm (18”) Depth – 16.5kg (33lbs) net.
NXAMP 4×4 specifications :
  • Max. output voltage (no load) :4 × 200Volts.
  • Max. output power (8 Ω) : 4 × 1900W.
  • Max. output power (4 Ω) : 4 × 3300W.
  • Max. output power (2 Ω) : 4 × 4000W.
  • Power consumption (Standby) : 20W.
  • Power consumption (Idle) : 150W.
  • Power consumption (1/8 Power) : 3000W.
  • Dimensions & Weight : 4U 19” Rack – 457 mm (18”) Depth – 24.5kg (49lbs) net.
Common NXAMP Specifications
  • No of channels : 4x channels, 2 by 2 bridgeable.
  • Analog Inputs channels : 4x channels, analogue inputs on XLR 3 with a second XLR 3 for linking, using 24bit converters.
  • Digital Inputs channels : 4x digital inputs via the optional network card slot at the back.
  • Power Outputs : 4x Speakon outputs using internal power relay for automatic output assignment regarding setup.
  • Frequency response : ±0.5dB from 10Hz to 20KHz.
  • Input Impedance : 20 KΩ.
  • Max Input Level : +28dBu.
  • Dynamic Range All Channels : 105dB (unweighted).
  • THD+N Typical : 0.1% flat setup.
  • Latency time : 500 µs on a flat setup.
  • Power Supply Dedicated version for 100 ~ 120 Volts or 220 ~ 240 Volts.
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