Behringer DDM4000
Behringer DDM4000

DDM4000, 4+ Channel Mixer from Behringer.

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All user reviews for the Behringer DDM4000

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 41 reviews )
 17 reviews41 %
 15 reviews37 %
 4 reviews10 %
 2 reviews5 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
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sudfiesta's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" behringer ddm 4000 advice from a pro"

Behringer DDM4000
Is rack?
Rackable not
What type of connectors (RCA Jack, XLR ...)?
RCA and XLR connectors
What is the accuracy of sampling (bits / kHz)?
How many lanes, bus, auxiliary sends, returns ...)?
4 channel 2 microphones
The parametric equalizer is it?
parametric equalizer and digital
After years of professional mix and use a djm 600, I decided to change tables, I look on AudioFanzine stupor and all opinions on the DDM4000 are very positive.
everyone seems to marvel at the DDM4000 rated 5 stars.
after having read everything I decided to follow the advice and buy one the price is less than a pioneer (AC plays for behringer).
all happy to test the ddm 4000 I leave in the evening with, after two hours of animation and the first cracks knob triggered increases its strange.
the two microphone channels even lowered the minimum does not cut the mic so you hear the sound of microphone feedback in the forums.
the famous box has effect is catastrophic, very bad.
short after all the same 4 evenings and much patience and give up buying a new table from Pioneer.
Thank you nick dj who gets off on this table and I would say just before coming to advise on sites PRO tunes out your tongue in your mouth.
it avoids making the purchase of real dj cochoneries.


configuration very simple, however the digital equalizer is very incomplete, is little more the master digital equalizer 2 and not master1 which is the one most used.
the manual is of Chinese puzzles, happily that the tutorials on the web are very well done.
functions are galleys to find between all the lights sometimes yellow and sometimes blue


the sound is variable every time it's in the bass and treble suddenly appear and break everything.
the equalizer is no non-existent, the equalized digital treble and bass only has to believe that Behringer is not familiar with the medium.
there is no breath but if you have a microphone you always volume into the microphone, because the volume pot does not cut the sound.


I used 4 nights and then I took a nervous breakdown I pay this table 400 € nonetheless.
I ended up buying a Pioneer.
AC before I use ecler nuo, pioneer DJM800, DJM700, DJM600 and djm 3000
Yamaha 01V, numark 920,
the feature I like least is all that table is eliminated and does not even deserve to be marketed.
Never in my life I will take the behringer is the fake junk to dj sandbox.
chris m.berger12/30/2010

chris m.berger's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer DDM4000
* Is the rack?
Yes the brackets are provided

the rest is on the Net


* The general configuration is simple?

* The usual functions are they easily accessible?

* The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

yes, you just read it!


* The console is transparent?
yes, it is transparent
* Introduced she breath?
no, no
* The equalizer is it effective? ...
yes, kill well


* For how long have you been using it?
I used it for 18 months
* What thing do you like most/least about it?
is a full table, with MIDI and multiple adjustment, the frequency of sub
* Did you try many other models before getting this one?
yes, quite that Freevox, lem, power, ecler, Dynacord, pioneer etc etc
* What is your opinion about the value for the price?
* Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?
yes, without hesitation

Behringer has a lot of output but the m. ... e € 300/350 for a table of nine as complete!
for me it is a good entry level table, I had no problems with in 18 months. it does not introduce breath, the overall sound is good but not hot enough to my taste

djlov's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" comprehensive"

Behringer DDM4000
it has 4 channels Phono / Line Stereo Mixer for up to 8 Simultaneous Sound Sources, 2 XLR microphone input with effects, BPM counter 2, a screen to manage the effects are multiple, a sampler, the crossefader multiple adjustments .. .. And so this table is filled with options like SONOVENTE say, THIS IS THE MOST COMPLETE TABLE OF THE MARKET, given its price and there was no hesitation ...


Very accessible and easy to use


No breath, a sound impressive


I use it for over a year I had already tested the entry-level turntables but I've been impressed by its price but its quality that dethroned tables with all its great brand options .... This table has enormous qualities, weaknesses? no use for my ... Very good restaurant

Charly302's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Okay"

Behringer DDM4000
Is rack? Yes parts are available for purchase.

What type of connectors (RCA Jack, XLR ...)? RCA multiple connections for different channel and outputs. XLR microphone input, output Right & Left + Subwoofer

What is the accuracy of sampling (bits / kHz)? 32bits.

How many lanes, bus, auxiliary sends, returns ...)? 4 channel + master, mic, sampler.
2Quit RCA and 1 XLR
Using MIDI.
The parametric equalizer is it? yes.

An effects section is integrated? 10aine a built-in effects (flanger, reverb, delay ,...)


The general configuration is simple? really very simple, I started and I had no trouble understanding its operation.

The manual is clear and sufficient? Manuel structured and clear, we found it easily.

The usual functions are they easily accessible? The various functions are directly accessible via buttons or other or else directly from the menu on the table. Introduced


she breath? used in various circumstances it has not introduced breath.


For how long have you been using it? for 6 months in December.

Did you try many other models before getting this one? Not a small table with a gemini friend.

What thing do you like most/least about it? Really easy to use it instinctively understand how to use the first moments although reading the manual is advised to thoroughly digest all the possibilities. However finishing a very fragile at first sight (not to be too brutal with the faders start to shake if they are bullied too.)
Dj Psychot-X11/01/2010

Dj Psychot-X's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Bluffing"

Behringer DDM4000
* Is the rack?

* How many lanes, bus attendant, of the starting of returns ...)?
see data sheet

* What type of connectors (RCA Jack, XLR ...)?
see data sheet

* The parameter qualiseur is it?
see data sheet

* An effects section is it integrates? ... For consoles numriques:
see data sheet

* What is the precision of chantillonage (bits / kHz)?
see data sheet

* Automation is it support?
see data sheet

* What types of media are synchronized? ...
see data sheet

* The configuration


Gnrale Is it easy?
beginners to produce impressive, but over time we made it fast

* The usual functions are they easily accessible?
Yes, we can start the ds beginners using just the basics

* The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
A pretty ineressant pav, but long as everything is read parameter


* The console is transparent?

* Introduced she breath?
No no breath

* The qualiseur is it effective? ...
Nothing reproaches


* For how long have you been using it?
2 months, she has done since 7-8 sories full rgime otherwise I utis several times a week for my pleasure

* What is the specific feature you like best, the least?
The best: everything is Settings, excellent design, easy to use despite appearances, the Filter niquel really like the effects GENERALLY

Fewest: Fader and crossfader flexible but no games until presents

* Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
Yes AudioPhony a table with a dozen entries and a Gemini with basic functions

* How do you report qualitprix?
Mortal, no reproach, excellent product and the price is really abbordable, bought in and truly satisfied Techsono

* With the exprience, you do again this election? ...
Yes I even advice around me


Thé-aux-Rems's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" exelente a table, it changes Berhinger"

Behringer DDM4000
table rack, 4 votes, effect, XLR and RCA connection, the total what! with even noon!


this table is fairly simple stuff of connection function and button, but you get used very quickly, for my part I used the manual because I had no idea of how the table (the effect and screens), unlike the astronomical number of button this table is very ventilated and it is easy to mix with! the only downside is the headphone jack a bit misplaced.


EQ very effective and it even seems that it is adjustable, a stunning sound from the other table of the mark (especially with the ULTRAMIZER activate) I is not heard of breath on the table at the same time it is 100 % digital


I use it since August, before the table had naturally test the Denon DNX 1100, A & H Xone 22, korg km 404 and Reloop rmx 40. is that I love the most, such functionality, these many connections, according to its south, the possibility of the rack and especially the price! At least I do not really see the headphone jack has misplaced. a super value price for 300 euros we have everything we need! effect of the sampler's all here! with experience
YES YES YES! nothing better than DDM4000 and two reloop contour!

Djciel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good table at behringer to change"

Behringer DDM4000
For specifications check out the site or other opinion;)


It is clear that when one unpacks it says "yeah was still" in 30 seconds but you realize that everything just flows.
I'll just say that there is a duplicate button at Kils (configurable) there at the crossfader and knobs.


Good the ba euhhh RAS, no breath and yet I do not have a crazy system, but it leaves my point what he bar!
eq nickel.


I can use it for a more than 2 years regularly and extensively on weekends She also evenings and no crash (luckily I tell you!) But knowing a little apprehend mark the first time.
Good quality / price I would even say very good if I take into account what is still the road, despite everything that I inflicted.
What I do not blame him

Once a fader wife as a bully and ... but he remained in the hands ^ ^ Other than that little incident RAS
Yes + expensive models as Ecler Nuo 5, a reloop, and the traditional djm 800

pierreblc91's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" For now, excellent!"

Behringer DDM4000
For the basic features, read the manual.

The subwoofer output with adjustable low-pass cutoff frequency is great, especially since it is possible to filter out the main high pass is ideal for not burn out its satellites for example.

Double box end, that's great too, but we can not put the 2nd effect on the first, let me explain: Unable to filter an echo (echo only) with the other box effects such (unlike the pioneer from djm700), even if possible, when adding the echo effect, to choose only MID or HI or LOW, or combinations of these 3 parameters, but it is less class is a filter in which we change the cutoff ...

On the effects yet, there are many who are "unusable" for my taste, it's too toy .. but the principal still very much set.

On the mic, it makes the effects of madness = D but it seems to me that the microphone has a gain too high, even at minimum means into the microphone ..


General configuration ... so there, when you get the table, its scary! but after 3 minutes of use we realize that the many buttons are there to make our lives easier, but it remains gadget, except you have more than a finger because you can press a button without having to turn the knobs ..

In this review, I would not call it MIDI because I understand nothing.
I do not speak of the sampler, because I do not use it in mixes, but it is relatively easy to use, at least he seems.

The manual is very clear, everything easily.

All the usual functions are easily accessible.

If I have one regret about using this table is on its headphone poorly studied, but I stuck the wire between the table and the deck right, his pass.

The "it glows in the dark is a garland say it's horrible," bah I do not think it's so horrible as that.


The equalizer is sublime, at least, there is no sound, and any cutoff frequencies are adjustable!

Of breath, with plates, I have no .. When I plug my computer, but it's fear ... I am with her my stanton table as well, and also with a DJM700, we can not deliver the blame on the DDM4000 (land problem apparently at my computer).

Edit: On RCF ART 312A, it introduces a lot of breath, probably had the greatest power in the acute than my previous speakers .. So I drop the note from October to June because the tables and even pioneer stanton M.201 introduce no breath on that kind of speakers .. And the spirit in service, it's still annoying ..


I use it only for a month, I can not say anything about the quality and longevity of components.

I try, then, gemini, numark, stanton pioneer DJM600 and DJM700.

The peculiarities that I love most: price, use the connectivity
The specifics I like least: No true filter effects (see top), headphone jack misplaced, breath, here.

The value for money, not to mention longevity because I know nothing, bah I do not think there is no better ..

With experience, so she slams fast, I will not go that choice, otherwise, may be the most promising material for safety, but I hope it will not for years that I have to redo a choice . If I were the flying, with my current budget, although I will ever be the choice.

Tony06530's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer DDM4000
What type of connectors (RCA Jack, XLR ...)?

MDD has:
-3 XLR output (left and right and subwoofer)
-3 RCA outputs including a "tape"
-2 XLR inputs
-8 RCA inputs (4 phono, 4 line)
-1 Digital output



use is simple, having connainnance manual and power to use it, the mix becomes a breeze.



The DDM4000 has an exellent performance sound, it does not introduce blast.


Global Reviews

I use the DDM4000 for over a year. Before this one, I used a table of the non-digital brand which I am very tired quickly. Since I own the MDD I do not think of replacing it. I like its design and multiple options notement effects and effects for the microphones, the ability to record 2 samples. I did not really like the thud it makes when I change the delay effect: a loud popping sound. Apart from the high brightness blue LEDs of the equalizer of the ignition and the thump, I would do if I had the choice to go back and buy a table. I advise all people seeking the mixer DDM4000 because its price is very attractive for what it is.

nounoursamoi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer DDM4000
- Is the rack?

Yes, 19 ", adaptation is provided in the pack

- The qualiseur paramtrique is it?

Yes, 3-band equalizer by chanel

- The effects section is it intgre?

Yes, very good quality and a table all numerical


- The configuration gnrale Is it easy?

At the beginning we find, so it's a little way, this is normal, but with a few hours of training on neighboring although the menus are very Russian with simplissite Getting Started!
- The usual functions are they easily accessible?


- The manual is clear and sufficient?

Excellent manual, very well explained!


- Introduced she breath?

No breath, even on the inputs phono, excellent!

- The qualiseur is it effective?

Ffective very, very good cut of different frequencies


- How long have you use it?

For over a week

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?

The best: extremely comprehensive and fully digital, a product of qualitbr /> The less the number of very advanced functions requires some aprentissage, but it's not a problem, when it was in gnial hand is!

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

Yes, I have also a Vestax mixer and Gemini, I have tried other brands like Pioneer

- How do you report qualitprix?


- With the exprience, you do again this choice?

Behringer professional in a range like this, YES!
The brand has often Behringer t critical for quality of material, certainly, but if you put the price to get into a more professional product, the brand will play very well his rle, j ' have the knowledge to use Behringer orchestras and it's very good material! So one of my friends who had already a pioneer djm3000 output grid!
I'll see for myself the reliability of the DDM4000.
I advise any DJ, whether amateur or professional, treat yourself to this beautiful jewelry!