Pioneer DJM-900NXS
Pioneer DJM-900NXS

DJM-900NXS, 4+ Channel Mixer from Pioneer in the DJM series.

DeeGSA 02/10/2013

Pioneer DJM-900NXS : DeeGSA's user review

«  Very accomplished! »

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Value For Money : Poor
I would not go back on all that are found everywhere.
It is very comprehensive, it does not lack much ...
The DJM embeds a high quality sound card to enter and exit a computer with Traktor.


The expertise of Pioneer ergonomics!

Since the beginning of the DJM were imposed in the club.
The Nexus 900 brought to the table a very successful.

Whether the faders, cross the sound color FX 6 (excellent), and the box indeed very full.
The band touch the needle search is very effective in live.

I like the type setting talk over the mic's switch with LED is correct, even if the fader was top.

The big plus of this table is the connection network with Rekordbox and CDJ 2000 to synchronize real-time tempo read on Rekordbox (quantize).
The preview of the CUE track computer Rekordbox is appreciable in the evening to cue a track without sending a CDJ.


Used with a front head and RCF sub, the DJM 900 does not equal or tenors AMIX RODEC but has caught the delay on this. The sound is clear, powerful and detailed. Nothing to say.


Combined with the CDJ 2000 with Rekordbox is the ultimate DJ governed in my eyes.
Unfortunately, overpriced, but when you love .....