Pioneer DJM-900NXS
Pioneer DJM-900NXS

DJM-900NXS, 4+ Channel Mixer from Pioneer in the DJM series.

flowing 03/01/2013

Pioneer DJM-900NXS : flowing's user review

«  Very good product »

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Possibility of racker me she is in a stall fly perfectly when it comes to transport.
It includes all the basic connectivity Djm 800, but I find more orderly. The microphone input 2 is found behind more input RJ45 joins the table to communicate with the network turntables and a usb connection on top connected to pc with Abelton or other ... The only downside is that there are more than two phono inputs on channel 1 and 4.
A high quality sound with 96kHz sampling, an A / D converter and 24-bit D / A Converter 32bit.
2 boxes with 6 different effects and color fx beat better effect with more effects including a new table that the x-pad with some nice effects.


Configuration is clean, simple, homogeneous functions with easy use. Everything is done for the dj feel good.
Manual very descriptive and full despite not having special needs.


EQ efficient with a button that isolated, hear nothing when (HI, MID, LOW) are at -26.
No breath.


I use it for almost 2 years now.
Before I had to use the djm 700 and 800 but now it changed a lot especially with rekordbox and quantize function.
The feature I like most is the new effects on the color and quality of the fx fader. Least, maybe a screen too small and having entered a RJ45 network for all mètrent therefore require to have a ethernet router in addition with respect to the djm 2000 or one connects all above.
Pioneer continues to lead quality is nothing to say but can expensive anyway.

I would do this choice with your eyes closed.