Pioneer DJM-900NXS
Pioneer DJM-900NXS

DJM-900NXS, 4+ Channel Mixer from Pioneer in the DJM series.

frichard 01/20/2012

Pioneer DJM-900NXS : frichard's user review

«  Long live the digital! »

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The console retains the format of its big sister (the DJM800) provided to unscrew the pretty cover on the front.
Settings BASS / MED / CUT FEVER now offer a useful on some styles.
The synchronization of effects makes them "finally" usable. On a personal DJM800, I do not hardly ever used. By synchronizing the result is much better ... it sounds much better.
Dialogue with the CDJ2000 is not bad, I did not like the white lights that clignotées end pieces, it m'éboulissait ... now in red, they bother me less.


Like any DJM in 5 minutes we are ready to make an evening ... for the effects, it is more practical course. But it is also the goal of having a toy on which to spend a few hours to master.
All features are accessible and useful, but I wish the meters more responsive. Dificil to wedge a piece with the table without a headphone, though I arrived very well with my previous table.
I will connect to the PC (Rekordbox) this weekend, I would complete.


Very big plus compared to previous generations. The digital audio sound finally I find the sound less than a round table analog, but it must be admitted that the sound output is very good and remains good when you push hard!
Equalizers are very effective and play their role perfectly.
As against some effects are either too high or too low ... it's a shame (can be corrected by firmware)


I have this table for 10 days now.
I had a lot of tables in the hands for 20 years: Freevox DJ7, Soundcraft DMix1000, X1500 Denon, Ecler EVO4, Pioneer DJM500/700/800/1000.

What I like
- The sound quality at high volume
- The synchronization effects
- Color management trays of CDJ 2000

- The proposed filter effect: far from the quality of analog filters in my previous table. The apps are better, it's serious at this price.
- The headphone mix based on the output level after the Gain control.

As I have done a very good deal, I would do this choice without hesitation. I have long hesitated between a DJM800 DJM900 ... There's no picture! if you have CDJ900 or 2000 ... The DJM 900 is for you!