Evolution Mk-449c
Evolution Mk-449c

Mk-449c, 49-Key MIDI Keyboard from Evolution.

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hhub17 09/09/2012

Evolution Mk-449c : hhub17's user review

«  many buttons »

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I wanted to offer a keyboard that my nephew made under AudioTools, and considering the price I was looking for one lunchtime with a lot of faders / knobs to manage the real-time values. USB and powered by the computer to limit the cables.
Connectivity: USB, midi out, footswitch jack configurable: sufficient.
I kept it because it does not match the "specifications" of nephew and (especially) his parents. on the other hand it goes well for my home studio use.


The touch keyboard type synth / organ, not rely on a heavy touch piano. Fortunately also, because playing the synth with a piano touch, it makes me uncomfortable.
Manual: enough, I have not watched or even downloaded.
Configuration: one branch and it works after that depends on what my software is to assign the buttons. For example, the original Minimoog V demo can instantly affect "midi learn": clicking on a parameter, move a button on the keyboard and it is affected registered. There's no easier or faster!
After that, it is also recognized under Linux (Fedora CCRMA, ubuntustudio, Tangostudio) without difficulty.


I've had three weeks, I have another midi keyboard without a lot of knobs / faders and a Korg digital piano with just one pedal (but also twelve o'clock). In fact it will complete the park, I hope to route 3 to play a style plugin multiclaviers classical organ or Hammond, implying that each is recognized and assigned to a software keyboard. A view.

OK money, even very good, even if I paid a little more expensive that the argus but very good condition, packaging, CD and cable, plus nice seller ;).

With hindsight, I would do this choice, I did not find better at this price. And robustness is somewhat secondary.