Evolution Mk-449c
Evolution Mk-449c

Mk-449c, 49-Key MIDI Keyboard from Evolution.

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Surca el Cielo 04/06/2014

Evolution Mk-449c : Surca el Cielo's user review

« I made a Keytarn from it !!!! »

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I had an old an broken korg keytar that i kept and now it serve for parts replacement and then i saw that auction on ebay for the mk449c evolution
keyboard and i knew that it will have to be mine.
So i bought the mk449c and i adapted it an aluminium neck and using the parts from the old keytar and realizing some internal connections in about a month
i had a ready to use Diy Keytar
I like the fact that is both : Usb for computer connection and has the Midi Out connection, besides it has many midi controllers, the sliders, knobs and buttons, and i can easy program how i like the sound to be, and also with other programs of course, at distance, without touch the computer keyboard i can send instructions to computer for when i want to start the song, change sounds and tracks, change effects on live presentation, etc.
And better yet i can drive both my Vst instruments and my other love :
The Yamaha Qy100 of course it is the magic of Midi.


Once you got thru the manual and experiment with your configurations it is not difficult to understand.
Maybe for the beguinner will be a curve of learning like in any other device but its no difficult at all


For the price is a good choice and althought it has not sounds, no styles, no effects, it does have midi and does it well.

I only wish it had be more robust, it is light weight and its Ok for that but keys and usb connection are a bit weak i think, maybe i will have to repair it in a few years.

It have to be treated with care

Other than that i give it a 10 because it makes my dream come true !!!

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