Evolution Mk-449c
Evolution Mk-449c

Mk-449c, 49-Key MIDI Keyboard from Evolution.

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Mad Hatter 06/05/2004

Evolution Mk-449c : Mad Hatter's user review


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Describes the CHARACTERISTICS are on the site.
I find the correct keyboard for the price (195 nine in-store).


The touch keyboard is lightweight but I've seen worse (radium 49), the black keys have a lot of games but appear when comparing those same rsistantes Radium 49 (yet) o keys are pressed or remain dj soulvent After a few uses.
The USB connection is simple, you plug Win XP recognizes it's good.
The faders also have the games and do not seem trs solid, against the potentiomtres are strong enough.
The configuration is pretty simple overall.
There are two manuals, a quick boot in English and one more advanced in French, I do not know why they did not put everything in the same language but it is not serious trs The two are quite clear and sufficient.


I use it for two days, it is simple to configure, inexpensive, lots of controllers.
I used many dj radium 49, which for some prs the same price, is of lower quality and less practical.
Here is the report qualitprix trs good, 195 for a keyboard that is trs cool, despite its some default (but even when 195!).
I do not regret my purchase.