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M-Audio Axiom 49
M-Audio Axiom 49

49-Key MIDI Keyboard from M-Audio belonging to the Axiom series

Thread Question about Axiom 49

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1 Question about Axiom 49
In creating a preset for a program, is there a way to

1) since the knobs move in 360 degrees (ie there's no stop point), is there a way to get the program's function that is assigned to also go that way. IOW, right now, once it's at a max value of 127, that's all it can go; I have to PHYSICALLY move my axiom knob back. But what if I want a value of 2 or 3, I want to be able to just move it a bit.

2) Is there a way to get the 9 faders to control something in one instance but get them to control something completely different if I press some sort of key? Right now, I'm using Reason 3.0 and using the M-Audio Reason 3 Control Surface. If I press buttons 8 or 9 (below the faders), it changes what the faders/knobs are used for. I understand how to USE it, but how do I create something similar for another program?
I am very new to Reason and to MIDI recording. I am a guitar player out of the late 60's and 70's where all I had was a Cry Baby and Fuzz tone. Now I open my eyes and WOW! Any way. I just bought Reason 3.0 running on Vista. I bought Sonar 6.0 and a m-audio Axium 25. I know I have a LOT of learning to do but can anyone tell me how to make the pads on the Axium 25 play drums in Redrum. I would like to shoose the sounds I want. More older rock instead of Hippity hop. and actually play the pads. I am intrested in making backup Drums, Bass, and others . Then send the MIDI or WAV to my Boss BR 1600 so I have a band to play my guitar with. Since I have a family, work all day and am 52, I don't play out anymore, just in church on Sundays. Any help will be appreciated. Or is there a DVD I can buy with a tutorial on it.

PS, I am also new to forums. My question is about Axium 25 not 49.