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M-Audio Axiom Pro 49
M-Audio Axiom Pro 49

49-Key MIDI Keyboard from M-Audio belonging to the Axiom series

Thread Midi clock, into DIN and out of USB????

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1 Midi clock, into DIN and out of USB????
I have an Octatrack Mk2 and I'm trying to send midi clock from the Octatrack through my Axiom pro 49 into Mainstage on a macbook pro. Ultimately I am trying to trigger soft synths in mainstage using the Octatracks 8 midi tracks.

Connections: Octatrack DIN out - Axiom Pro 49 DIN in - Axiom USB - MacBook USB

Mainstrage can recognise the Octatrack and receives note info and even transport but will not sync to incoming midi clock. I have ticked the relevant box in mainstage to except external midi clock. I have set the Octatrack to send midi clock (also tested this is working by successfully sending clock to Korg KP3). I have also used the Korg KP3 to send its own midi clock to mainstage by bypassing the Axiom and this works.

In conclusion it seems to be the Axiom that is causing the problem. Specifically I cant seem to get the Midi clock to pass through from the DIN input and out through the USB. Is this a thing?

Do i need to be routing this differently? Or is there another device/setting that would help, merger, midi interface with more ports??

Any help much apreciated.