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M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Silver)
M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Silver)

Thread Installed correctly, but no MIDI

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1 Installed correctly, but no MIDI
Hello (n00b here :clin: ),

I just got the M-Audio Oxygen 49 (above) and I installed the drivers from the CD and plugged it in. The PC came up with the usual bubbles, ending with the Your device is properly installed etc.etc.

I then tried both Ableton Live Lite and MIDI-OX. Nothing shows up in the MIDI In devices boxes. I tried with the new drivers, and without any - doesn't change a thing.

In the Device Manager there is a USB Composite Device and a USB Sound Device. No MIDI though.

Any help?

What OS are you using?

stupid question: is it turned on? sorry. :oops:
I finally found the solution (and 12 hours later support suggested the same...). What was happening was that the M-Audio driver's files were being installed, but it wasn't installed as a driver for the keyboard. The generic Windows drivers were being used instead.

What I did was I went into the Control Panal->Administrative Tools->Computer Management->Device Manager->Sound, Video and Game Controllers, right-click the "USB Audio Device" (Window's name for the keyboard) and select "Update Driver". Point it towards the "MA_CMIDI.DLL" file. When it's done plug in the keyboard and you'll get the New Hardware Installation Wizard they talk about in the "manual".

Thanks for trying!


PS Yeah should have given the OS from the start! :)
Yeah, installing drivers is always tricky. Windows always botches it up. In the end it's just better to manually point to the right drivers.