49-Key MIDI Keyboards
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49-Key MIDI Keyboards user reviews

  • Roland A-49

    Roland A-49 - " super"


    - I was looking for a small master keyboard bosser a fairly simple trick without dozens of integrated crap, I was upset to have a system of integrated optical modulation because I'm sure it helps to increase the price, but for me it ' is uninterestin…

  • Arturia Analog Experience The Laboratory

    Arturia Analog Experience The Laboratory - " What do I do?"


    The product was recommended to me by a fellow musician. I bought it at Rennes in Level Crossing where I was assured that it was a Plug In Plug n Play reliable and efficient. It has never worked despite numerous correspondence with Arturia and the dea…

  • Arturia Analog Experience The Laboratory

    Arturia Analog Experience The Laboratory - " Fine"


    First, I want to clarify one thing that seems to me essential, contrary to what I read here in a view, it is of course quite possible to use the sounds of the software "The laboratory analog" as any plug-in instrument in any DAW. I use to share my Pr…

  • CME M-Key

    CME M-Key - " not bad"


    Master Keyboard MIDI / USB choice, apparently possibility to connect a pedal UTILIZATION nice touch? What touch? This is a keyboard touch "dynamic" type soft touch anything in fact, synth Very simple configuration in any case, one branch and…

  • Cakewalk A-500PRO

    Cakewalk A-500PRO - " gonna"


    I just Sonar so I stay consistent in saying that I am less likely to crash compatibility issue but maybe I misses best stuff. UTILIZATION yes OVERALL OPINION 6 months this is my first and so far so good. I just wish the classic design. + Fanc…

  • Evolution Mk-249c

    Evolution Mk-249c - " If not require ..."


    What characteristics have motivated your choice? The number of knobs because it is served can assign any. What connector (MIDI pedals ...)? I use it with the proper USB driver everything is functional and pelinement allimenté by USB. UTILIZA…

  • Alesis QX49

    Alesis QX49 - " Satisfactory for my use"


    I needed a small keyboard for Ableton, I did not mean too, I then turned to this model. UTILIZATION The touch keyboard is correct, I do not really have any experience other keyboards! It is perfect for the use I made is to MIDI notes, and various…

  • Akai Professional MPK49

    Akai Professional MPK49 - " mpk 49"


    What characteristics have motivated your choice? is the touch of the keyboard, the pad and fader that decided me. What connector (MIDI pedals ...)? ... I use it in USB only. UTILIZATION The touch keyboard is it nice? Is it for your use? i…

  • M-Audio Axiom 49

    M-Audio Axiom 49 - tiossan's review


    The keyboard is semi-weighted and has a number of controllers important. connnectique standard (USB + midi pedal +) UTILIZATION Touch on a semi-weighted midi keyboard compact keyboard makes it a very satisfying studio. OVERALL OPINION I use i…

  • Cakewalk A-500PRO

    Cakewalk A-500PRO - " Well"


    Well UTILIZATION Well OVERALL OPINION In two words, for a midi keyboard 49 keys, for me this is the choice that came naturally: - Fair price for the product is there are probably better but more expensive ... - Touch: Very good for the pr…