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  • Akai Professional MPK49

    Akai Professional MPK49 - " Good compromise"


    I was looking for a keyboard with 8 faders and 49 at least 8 knobs, I hesitated with the competitor mpk in innovation, which has similar characteristics. Akai pads and the apegiateur integrated mpk motivated my choice. Power over USB is also a plus…

  • Nektar Panorama P4

    Nektar Panorama P4 - " T EXACTEMEN what I needed!"


    Many Controller Large color LCD screen Wireless problem with cubase Design UTILIZATION Affected relatively ok for me ... but I can understand that some may find it a bit light at this level. It is for me, the only negative but not neutral…

  • Akai Professional MPK49

    Akai Professional MPK49 - " Awesome!"


    Akai pad shortcuts to control the sequencer and robustness. UTILIZATION Durable and comfortable to play keyboard. It is rather easy to configure and menus are well thought out. OVERALL OPINION I for 4 years using Ableton Live and I have absol…

  • Akai Professional MPK49

    Akai Professional MPK49 - " very good touch"


    His pads and keyboard aftertouch UTILIZATION nice touch fairly simple manual config is first required OVERALL OPINION the +: Touch keypad, knob faders are accurate nothing to say, its reactivity the -: the pads too hard (but can upgrade to…

  • Novation Remote 49 SL MkII

    Novation Remote 49 SL MkII - " Excellent in everything! I recommend ;)"


    I was owner of a Akai MPK 49 that I sold in the initial optical acquire a keyboard 61 keys. After various research and trials in store, according to my style of music my abilities at the keyboard, add to this space ... I'm back on this idea to finall…

  • Arturia KeyLab 49

    Arturia KeyLab 49 - " My first master keyboard"


    Connectors available: USB2 or 3, Midi, to connect pedals, separate power supply, connect a breath (breath) sobriety vintage look, 49 keys with aftertouch and velocity and my budget of 300 €. UTILIZATION With use, I appreciate the aftertouch and v…

  • Akai Professional SynthStation49

    Akai Professional SynthStation49 - " great with an iPad, with a disappointing pc"


    I do not believe it, see review below or visit akaipro ... UTILIZATION Standard touch keyboard synth. Pads in the wrong place when you are right handed and is used ipad in support straightened. Correct finishes. With an iPad it's great (note all …

  • Prodipe 49N

    Prodipe 49N - " Do not buy"


    I need a portable keyboard for live. Features: - 41 "dynamic" keys - USB, MIDI, 9V power supply (in supl), sustain pedal, - Fader datas, - Dial pitch bend and modulation, - Button to transpose (octave only). UTILIZATION Dynamics is r…

  • Alesis Q49

    Alesis Q49 - " Keyboard very poor quality"


    I wanted a not very expensive keyboard 49 keys for a master midi keyboard on cubase 5 special nylon e control my vst usb all in with his mcarte UA 25 EX roland UTILIZATION The touch keyboard is it enjoyable: not at all responds very poorly gadget…

  • Akai Professional MPK49

    Akai Professional MPK49 - " not bad"


    enssemble the keyboard, pads and all these knobs my reasons for this choice. midi in and out connections. usb UTILIZATION touch keyboard is pretty good for a keyboard of this price. the manual is a little void I admit, I mostly learned to use t…