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49-Key MIDI Keyboards user reviews

  • Akai Professional MPK49

    Akai Professional MPK49 - " Disappointed ... For a reference like that!"


    Reputation keyboard was essential in my choice, because I wanted a safe bet, I do not know yet much gear on my purchase level. UTILIZATION The affected is poor for my taste, too hard, and the springs of each button too hard. It's not worth a heav…

  • Akai Professional MPK49

    Akai Professional MPK49 - Flo Rimon's review


    The pad to have some kind of sampler. UTILIZATION Easy to use, but ... on sampler pads are super stiff, I changed mine to make it more sensitive. OVERALL OPINION I use with reason. Except that the keys are rather heavy and hard pads. Mone…

  • Edirol Pcr-500

    Edirol Pcr-500 - " Efficient and charming"


    The keyboard is very complete, many controllers which number 50 are fully assignable! It lacks the velocity to the velocity pads but can be changed for each pad, opt more, for example for a launch loops or samples with these pads. Roland wheel, …

  • M-Audio Axiom A.I.R. 49

    M-Audio Axiom A.I.R. 49 - " Disappointing"


    I found it in the store, while I was looking for a Axiom 49. Axiom I thought the Air was not only pretty, but it was more developed. Since it costs twice the axiom 49. UTILIZATION The hit is good. The manual is clear. The configuration also, and …

  • M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Blue)

    M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Blue) - " Rather good"


    I had just acquired my sound card (quad capture) and I need a MIDI keyboard altogether. So I chose this one because thomann cheap and provided a cover. UTILIZATION The touch is light, the velocity is difficult to control at first, but by asking, …

  • Arturia KeyLab 49

    Arturia KeyLab 49 - " Better at home than on the stage ..."


    I wanted a synth that offers opportunities in the synthesis. so there is the controller and the program that acts as a VST. UTILIZATION I had problems with the quality of the keyboard that I find frankly cheap. I had to return twice to the factor…

  • Arturia KeyLab 49

    Arturia KeyLab 49 - " Very good keyboard / controller"


    Comprehensive and fairly compact considering the number of keyboard commands, aesthetically very successful and undoubtedly very robust. On my copy the finish is impeccable, the materials used are very rewarding, metal hull, the "wood" of the sidewal…

  • Roland PC-200 MkII

    Roland PC-200 MkII - " Good for this price"


    What I decided to take the hit is very light Work cell or alim UTILIZATION Touched very nice, as said above No need to record Simple Config ' OVERALL OPINION I've had it about 7 months, and this is my first keyboard. Not having much re…

  • Alesis Q49

    Alesis Q49 - " Correct"


    Compact, minimalist, lightweight, powered by USB 2.0. UTILIZATION The weak point is obviously the KEYBOARD squeaky. The mechanical low-range sounds like simple spring clothespins. Aside from that, it is satisfactory as master keyboard and respo…

  • Akai Professional MPK49

    Akai Professional MPK49 - " Reliable and well thought"


    The fact that there are pads and knobs in addition to the keyboard is a complete product. UTILIZATION The feel is right even if it is far from a heavy touch, but it is not a surprise, simple configuration, easy to use, I do not serve me the notic…