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49-Key MIDI Keyboards user reviews

  • Neusonik iBoard 4

    Neusonik iBoard 4 - " Touch of excellence"


    USB Midi keyboard 49 keys for iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and PC / MAC 49 semi-weighted keys Pitchbend wheel and modulation fader octave shifter 2 programmable rotary encoder universal dock for every mobile smartphone, iP…

  • Alesis QX49

    Alesis QX49 - " Not convinced"


    I wanted a small keyboard master afternoon and this was the only one available at the vendor area. Purchased in late 2011 for € 140 Keyboard 49 keys, 4 pads, faders, knobs, transport buttons (Rec, Play ect). Powered by USB or transformer (not i…

  • M-Audio Axiom Pro 49

    M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 - Lau.'s review


    I bought this controller after reading forums etc notice. Characteristics that motivated me: sensitive semi weighted, keyboard "all in one" (knobs, sliders, pads ...), design, keyboard splitable ... and "HyperControl" (sic, well maybe, but not for …

  • Akai SynthStation49

    Akai SynthStation49 - " Practice"


    Robust keyboard 4 octave synth touch of normal size. The one with built-in support for ipad, adjustable (like a mini-oasys ;) equipped with two wheels pitchbend and modulation, 9 types mpc pads, keys sequencer transport, octave + or -, a volume knob …

  • Yamaha KX49

    Yamaha KX49 - " To start"


    Keyboard synth hit Afternoon and usb -Arpeggiator (in fact these are the reasons) -4 Buttons effectables midi -Buttons control DAW and VST Velocity-control keyboard, and the possibility of fixed velocity -Octave shift -Powered by USB or…

  • Evolution Mk-449c

    Evolution Mk-449c - " many buttons"


    I wanted to offer a keyboard that my nephew made under AudioTools, and considering the price I was looking for one lunchtime with a lot of faders / knobs to manage the real-time values. USB and powered by the computer to limit the cables. Connectiv…

  • Prodipe 49C

    Prodipe 49C - " Nothing better than to start with a "real MIDI keyboard""


    I need a MIDI keyboard connected quickly and at a very low price, so I immediately turned to this one. UTILIZATION For a pianist (I am not) a horror ... For a beginner in computer music not too bad ... Yes by simple configuration against the se…

  • M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Silver)

    M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Silver) - " Well!"


    After using for a few months, the model KeyRing of the same brand, I started looking for a keyboard also offers control options for my recording software. To the extent that I was totally satisfied with the M-Audio keyboard, I stayed in the same bran…

  • M-Audio Key Rig 49

    M-Audio Key Rig 49 - " Good product, simple and without headaches"


    I bought new in store, I liked at first its simplicity and price for the number of keys. Before buying it I was torn between taking a simple model like this one or go on something more sophisticated (Oxigen, Behringer) I finally took without much t…

  • M-Audio KeyStudio 49

    M-Audio KeyStudio 49 - " Top"


    the simplicity of a 49 key keyboards connected via USB with supplied software UTILIZATION Pleasant touch, keyboard ideal for learning or innovation with ease. OVERALL OPINION good value for money keyboard very simple to manage any user who st…