Marshall 1960A JCM900
Marshall 1960A JCM900

1960A JCM900, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from Marshall in the JCM900 series.

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patvmax 09/22/2005

Marshall 1960A JCM900 : patvmax's user review


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Say what you want, for me they are the best .. I use them for more than 25 years, old and new! and I must say also that I did not have that marshall, the concurrency was also tested: peavey, engl, mesa, etc. but they are more expensive bcp, a small 2x12 competition already often costs more than the main 4x12 mastar walk badly .. and the sound does not suit me, because I find them too "hi-fi" too precise, only Marshall, of the late 60's was able to make the sound of this grain guitares.avec Recognition in right away! . it's a little wicked, without being aggressive or harsh for our delicate ears of guitarists. the medium and low are very present, but on the lamp current heads, we can largely shape the sound! So that kind of characterization, sometimes annoying, can easily s'attnuer with editors, equalizers, or presence and contour ..... evidence, all the competition has its products on the lower model is probably a marshall .. show respect for the brand that invented everything .. I also used a peavey head 5150evh a 1960b and I assure you that the sound received was absolutely great .. so we can "split" this kind of cabinet with other tetes.bon, I stop, they will think I am their sales reps, while damage is not my case! small problem though, I must admit that the recent series (after 2000) no longer have the "gouache" the old cabinets, heavy industrialization forces .. but it's inevitable that we produce something very large series for the world .... they became a kind of reference. we like it or not, but at least they do not let indiffrents! like, one last point: a French brand, nameofsound also produces beautiful 4x12 cabinets. donns not, certainly, but really excellent. and our shop are our jobs. MADE IN FRANCE. it's pretty rare, so I'll soon buy 1.leur great advantage is also (like Marchemal vintage) to play too hard, while having a great sound .. AND YOU EXCEED 5-6 of the master flight, then this is the 5th dimension.toute false note or false bend is FORBIDDEN! for the earth may shake ..