Marshall MG412A
Marshall MG412A

MG412A, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from Marshall in the MG series.

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King Loudness 01/25/2012

Marshall MG412A : King Loudness's user review

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The Marshall MG412A is the company's cheapest level cab and is meant to go with their solid state MG100 head, or act as a 4x12 rig for those who can't afford a 4x12 of a higher calibre. It's actually slightly smaller than the conventional 1960 cab which has its pluses and minuses. The lighter weight means that's definitely a little easier to cart around than a regular model and it doesn't cause as much strain on the back. However, it also sounds thinner and cheaper because of this. The tones are certainly lacking in low end heft as well as punchiness, especially at higher volumes. In a band mix the cab doesn't really offer the solid backbone to stand up in a mix. Using high volume tube rigs the sound tends to get buried in a mix, especially when other guitarists are in the mix. It's loaded with cheap Celestion branded speakers that are built for this model. They aren't the same quality as a Vintage 30 or Greenback though, they are pretty flat and bland sounding without much top end sizzle or punch in the midrange. However the cheap construction is a bigger fault here, because you're left with a very thin and cheaply made enclosure that will always sound inherently thin regardless of speaker choice. It's really not a surprise given the cheaper price of this cab, but then again I've had cheaper cabs from other companies that did sound thicker than this. Your milage may vary though. For just a beater cab to use for lower volume applications it sounds okay, but it really doesn't hold up very well at higher volumes. Players might be enticed by the fact that it's a cheap cab emblazoned with the Marshall name, but if you need a decent cab for gigging applications I would look elsewhere.