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Edirol PCR-80
Edirol PCR-80

61-Key MIDI Keyboard from Edirol belonging to the PCR series

Thread Latency with Edirol PCR-80

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1 Latency with Edirol PCR-80
I have just plugged in my Edirol PCR-80 midi controller/keyboard. I am getting substantial delay between hitting the key and hearing a note (latency). Here is my setup:

Aardvark DirectPro LX6 sound card
Behringer UB 1202 mixer
Sonar 3.1.1 SE

Dell Pentium 4 (Dimension 4600) running at 3.06 Ghz, with hyperthreading technology
1 gig RAM
120-gig HD
Windows XP Home 5.1

I am connecting through USB 2.0. I have enabled no soft synths.

For all my audio needs, I use the Aardvark sound card, but this has no onboard synths, so I am going through my internal sound card. I have a SoundBlaster Audigy 2 installed, but I disabled it because it was causing me problems – including latency with midi. I had also read that for some reason SB Audigy and Aardvark don’t do well together.

My input midi device is EDIROL PCR 1 (EDIROL PCR MIDI IN and EDIROL PCR 2 don’t work).

Of my various output midi options, only Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth gives me any sound at all.

The Edirol web site says that latency depends on the sound card and drivers.

So, since it appears to be true that the Aardvark LX6 will be of no use to me in playing midi; and since the SB card appears to be a bad option as well; and since the Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth is apparently not a low-latency option …

What do you recommend I do in order to be able to play midi with as close to no latency as possible with this keyboard?


Paul S.
Try this link www.musicXP.net
In order to try and isolate the problem, I ran my PCR1 with Reason instead of SONAR. No latency, so the problem seems clearly to reside with SONAR. Any clues out there?
I've got the same problem.

Sorry, I'm not here to help you but maybe posting another problem will mobilize the tropps.

I've got Sonar 4 producer, a brand new PC full of power and space and an Edirol PCR1 connected via USB. I'm getting almost a 1/2 second delay between the time I press a key and the time I hear a sound. I've tweaked both the latency controls on Sonar AND on the Control Panel for the PCR1. Nothing I do improves much.

What really get's me is that a 1/2 second in PC/digital terms is a bloody ETERNITY. Thus how can it be possible to get such a long delay and more importantly what the heck do we have to do to fix it????

Any ideas? Oh and the link the guy posted above goes to a site which database isn't working. A lot of help there!

im experiancing same stuff
m-audio trigger finger with reason
if i say "one" when hit the pads, it doesnt play till the "ne" so theres half a syllable lag
it drives me nuts