Cioks Big John
Cioks Big John

Big John, AC Adapters for Pedal from Cioks in the Standard series.

Ogmor 02/10/2014

Cioks Big John : Ogmor's user review


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I use since 2006, it has saved me a lot of batteries!
A seller had advised me at the time, I knew nothing about the importance of having a good power supply isolated and all, but now I'm glad I listened!
For 7 pedals, as they do not have a consumption off standard 600 mA are ample. The majority of pedals consume MUCH less than 100 mA each.
It is very convenient to buy cords alims bsoins as in my case, boss dude, mini jack (for a Big Muff U.S.), 9v battery and adapter (for a black russian big muff 2002). For battery 9v adapter, it works niquel, the quality of the power supply (each output is isolated) can not have the buzz that many people spoke sue the Russian Big Muff mains due to their polarity reversed.
I therefore conclude that this case SUP is very convenient as versatile and should be a majority of guitarists with no pedals which consumes less egg (albeit with a single pedal consuming 200 mA, it is pass, do the math: