Cioks Big John
Cioks Big John

Big John, AC Adapters for Pedal from Cioks in the Standard series.

Tina Arkos 09/11/2008

Cioks Big John : Tina Arkos's user review


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No opinion on this diet but for those who do not want to crack their savings plan in a power read on.
After complete information on the Big John Ciok, Power over Voodoo Vibe, the full tank T-Rex, DC brick and other Dunlop Power Brick Artec, I bought a Harley Benton powerplant (Thomann mark).
I just got it and judge for yourself:
-8 9v outputs
-2 Outputs 12V DC 1AC + 1
-A Light switch
-A Blue LED indicator to say that it works
-A Removable plug type PC industry with earth
-And ... All connection cables !!!!
All for 39 euros Thomann !!!
I plugged in and everything is nickel, no background noise, blast or otherwise.
Well, as we said in ERAM, it would be crazy to spend more !!!
39 euros is hardly more than a UNIQUE Power Ibanez or Dunlop !!!
For life, is to wait, I can not say anything for now but frankly j'vois when the price of Voodoo, I tell myself that some do not care their pockets!