Cioks Big John
Cioks Big John

Big John, AC Adapters for Pedal from Cioks in the Standard series.

elrond06 01/04/2009

Cioks Big John : elrond06's user review

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Just a note about prcdents think that compare Cioks a voodoo lab pedal power 2 + ... No, it's not at all the product m ^ me, and indeed the voodoo lab is chre.
The major difference lies in the fact that the voodoo lab has isolated outputs them, and some other functions (stack simulation use - passing one or more outputs 12v or 15v .. . just made a small difference ngligeable not for the person who does not use that in 9v pedals).
The isolated outputs can in some cases provide a solution buzz of a ground loop (pr post effects and amp), or allow using spciaux cables to accumulate voltage or amperage multiple outputs. That rating and more significantly more expensive the realization and necessarily takes a little more room in the box too.
In short, rather than making comparisons between two different things, it is better just to judge what is just value. I possde accuracy of all I do neither one of these power supplies, but I find these unhelpful comparisons.