Cioks Big John
Cioks Big John

Big John, AC Adapters for Pedal from Cioks in the Standard series.

ericthegreat 12/20/2011

Cioks Big John : ericthegreat's user review

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For years, people were powering their pedals and pedal boards with batteries or an adaptor and daisy chains. This can cause all sorts of issues. You need a quality power supply for your board/pedals and the Cioks are pretty much the standard. What's important is the fact that the outputs are isolated, so you will never get buzz/hum from having different polarity pedals etc. It also allows you to combine outputs to get either a higher voltage (18v) or more power (more mAs) if you need that. Furthermore, there are 2 outputs that have little dipswitches on the bottom that will get you more options. These also have a sag-control. This allows you to mimic a dying battery. This might sound as voodoo but some pedals sound vastly different if a battery is no longer putting out the full 9v. The sag-control lets you set this and trust me, it works flawlessly. With the dip-switches, you can also set these 2 outputs for 12v, some Boss pedals need that.

I’ve been using my pedal power for a long time and never had an issue with it, it’s still going strong. I’m not using it on a board at the moment but keep it at home for quick pedal testing etc. I have output #8 set up with the sag control and that works nicely with fuzz pedals, you really should give it a try and see if you notice a difference. It’s not as obvious with every pedal but fuzz-pedals in particular can benefit from this.

Like all Cioks products, build quality is spot on. It comes with a number of cables and you can order more from Cioks. It even has a 220v output so you can plug another adaptor into it if you need a special power. It only does 9v or 12v DC which is fine for most pedals, if you need 9v AC or other outputs, Voodoo Lab now has a bunch of other power units.