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Acoustic Drums user reviews

  • Meinl Byzance Traditional Medium Crash 18"

    Meinl Byzance Traditional Medium Crash 18" - moosers's review


    The Meinl Byzance Medium Crash 18" is an awesome cymbal that is to be used with a full drum set. This is great either as your main crash simple or in compliment with another one. I've only had the chance to use this crash cymbal a few times, mostly…

  • WorldMax Black Hawg

    WorldMax Black Hawg - moosers's review


    The World Max Drums Black Hawg is a 7 x 13 sized snare drum. The studio I work at has this drum in our collection of about nine or snare different snares. The Black Hawg is kind of a secret weapon as it can really up the overall sound of any drum s…

  • Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute

    Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute - moosers's review


    The Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute is a full drum kit that is designed for use both in the studio and on the stage. I recently had the absolute pleasure of doing a recording session where the drummer brought in this kit as one of his kits. In the end…

  • Zildjian A Medium Thin Crash 16''

    Zildjian A Medium Thin Crash 16'' - moosers's review


    The Zildjian A (Avedis) Medium Thin Crash 16” is a pretty standard sized crash cymbal that’s for use with a full drum set. I’ve recently recorded with this cymbal for a session where the drummer brought it in. It was the only time I’ve used the cym…

  • Meinl Byzance Dark Ride 20"

    Meinl Byzance Dark Ride 20" - moosers's review


    The Meinl Byzance Dark Ride 20" is a high end ride cymbal for use within a full drum set. This is one of the best ride cymbals I've ever had the pleasure of using. Although I'm not really a drummer, I dabble a bit and as a recording engineer record…

  • Gretsch Renown Maple

    Gretsch Renown Maple - "Gretsch Renown Maple"


    I bought the renown maple set 2 years ago and have not looked back since. I have a 6 piece with 8,10,12, and 14 inch floor toms and an 18/22 bass drum. I bought the autumn burst and I really love the way it looks. I do mostly recording on this set an…

  • Slingerland Buddy Rich Kit

    Slingerland Buddy Rich Kit - moosers's review


    The Slingerland Buddy Rich Kit is a five piece drum set that of course is designed to replicate famous jazz drummer Buddy Rich’s kit. A studio I used to work at had one of these on hand for rentals. The kit has a somewhat unique make up (or at leas…

  • Ludwig Drums 1971

    Ludwig Drums 1971 - "Fantastic vintage Kit"


    This is a phenomenal drum kit that we have at the studio I work for. I would say that it's among the best I've played. It has phenomenal tone and can really apply to a wide variety of music styles, from rock to gospel to jazz to pop and R&B, as well …

  • Spaun Drums Solid stave shell

    Spaun Drums Solid stave shell - "Amazing snare drum"


    This is a seriously awesome snare drum made by Spaun. It is available with a variety of different woods, such as maple, birch, oak, walnut, and cherry. As such, it has a tremendous range of tones. It can go from warm, to more balanced, to more resona…

  • Paiste 505 Crash 18'

    Paiste 505 Crash 18' - moosers's review


    The Paiste 505 Crash 18" is a pretty standard crash cymbal for use in the context of a full drum kit. I'm primarily not a drummer, but recently played a family member's drum kit who had this cymbal as his main crash and definitely liked what I heard…