Zoom A2
Zoom A2

A2, Multi-Effect for Acoustic Guitar from Zoom in the A series.

jocluc 03/15/2006

Zoom A2 : jocluc's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
47 types of effects:
- 11 models of the most famous guitars + 1 pre amp tube
- A microphone positioned in different parts of the guitar
- A compressor and a limiter
- 2 low-frequency equalization
- 2 EQ High Frequency
- A noise reduction
- 14 effects (chorus, delay, phaser, flanger ....)
- 13 delay effects and reverb
- A small drum machine
- 1 tuner

is the digital

not editable

I 8 but because the effects can not be edited


-Configuration is quite simple I've had two days, I've never touched a pedal before and it works anyway, it sounds easy

He must download the French manual 37 pages I find well explained (see the forum zoom a2)


I'm not a pro, so try the beast I recommend it, however I find really nice effects all its not only useful for a sound but you get to this vraimment laughed it changes the sound of the guitar for some in well with moderation but bad if you have any background, normal

I use it with a cw seagull q2 because I find the reverb and chorus of my acoustic amp marshall rotten vraimment

I have not tested enough to determine what I like or hate but for reverbs and chorus it's been my business


- I use it for 2 days so I will update this opinion
- I was looking for a cheap pedal with his right to make me happy on the bits that I again
- Value for money is great (99 euro)
- For a beginner like me who wants this to please 'for cheap I suggest
- YES I would do this choice