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Yamaha Acoustic Pianos user reviews

  • Yamaha C3

    Yamaha C3 - " A good piano study"


    Grand piano (long). I needed a "real" piano for my music exams (before I had an old upright Rösler pretty terrible) I went with a friend advised by a dealer (Piano Schaeffer Nancy if you want to know) telling them that I was looking for a piano st…

  • Yamaha U1

    Yamaha U1 - " What it takes to play for fun"


    How long have you been using? 3 months after owning a Yamaha M108 small piano for beginners. Did you try many other models before buying it? Sure, but let's be reasonable, there is the steinway berchtein or other, but it is another world, espe…

  • Yamaha C7

    Yamaha C7 - " Yamaha c7 is a magnificent instrument."


    Yamaha c7 1970 that I bought in September to a sound engineer I was pleasantly surprised the first time I tried it. Indeed, in my relentless pursuit of a grand piano high quality less than 10,000 euros, I tried everything from old steinway "restore" …

  • Yamaha Eterna

    Yamaha Eterna - " Very good piano"


    Piano that I learned everything, 11 years of almost daily use, and it holds up. Design, upright piano, takes up little space, I recommend it! Tuning every two years for me At this price the quality is recess! …

  • Yamaha C1

    Yamaha C1 - " Pure happiness"


    Hello I just bought this new piano Magifique (my first 1 / 4 tail) I am totally in love. I find it round and balanced. But wait a month before a small tuning time to take his place. It is the range conservatory. A must Yamaha (homi the full …

  • Yamaha YUS 5

    Yamaha YUS 5 - " I love it"


    I did not like the sound yamaha, often in low metal medium, I tried the U1, but the Yus5 has nothing in common with except the touch (which are both excellent) the stamp is This warm and rich closer to the Steinway (Submitted in the store) especially…

  • Yamaha MP80 Silent

    Yamaha MP80 Silent - " There are much better!"


    I bought this piano because I trsdue, currently with Pleyel with Silent Systm, the quality of sound is incomparably worse. The draw too sharp, touch ... Yamaha on groin or not ... And finally the Silent Systm that DGRAD trs quickly with use despite g…

  • Yamaha C111

    Yamaha C111 - blackle's review


    The C 111 is an easy to play piano and good workmanship. It is also my first acoustic piano bought 12 years ago for working at home. The sound is good for an upright piano mid-range. It is not intended to match other brands but its most prestigious s…

  • Yamaha C3S Silent

    Yamaha C3S Silent - blackle's reviewhas images


    This attracted my piano away due to its ease of play, the precision mechanics allows very good control on the sound and also allows an ease of playing nice with him I do not go completely exhausted after a few songs played like some other pianos. …

  • Yamaha U1

    Yamaha U1 - " Attention to the year of manufacture!"


    Yamaha makes its pianos pianos disposable. Go play and listen to the rights or tails of 80/90: vidés.Basses results are nonexistent and treble and midrange without tinsel body. So ask their opinion on factors piano! Only the first few years 70/80…