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Yamaha Acoustic Pianos user reviews

  • Yamaha b1

    Yamaha b1 - " Very happy with my silent B1"


    I studied for 15 years on a Yamaha U3. After some time with a very nice Samick (in the style of B1), then another low-end piano whose name I forget, I took a clavinova to play at any time until no longer support its touch. That's when I took the B1 t…

  • Yamaha U1

    Yamaha U1 - " Very good piano"


    I use this piano for nearly two years. My friend and I have acquired to replace an electric piano. It serves as an instrument for the course "beginner" my friend and our workouts. We also do piano / violin duo with both Mirecourt and blend well. Sa…

  • Yamaha G2

    Yamaha G2 - " Accurate and modern"


    On it I learned to play, and I still have today. I learned on upright pianos and grand (Pleyel mostly) at the conservatory. I also now a Steinway 3 / 4 tail early 1900 but I do not know the reference (this is my father who bought a concert hall). S…

  • Yamaha b1

    Yamaha b1 - " Excellent value for money"


    I bought this piano there is a little over a year to get back to serious (I took lessons as a teenager and then I turned to the only synths). Among the few models I tested around this budget (2800 € nine) was really the best. I still can not believe …

  • Yamaha b1

    Yamaha b1 - chakhal's review


    I use it for 5 years. I tried a lot of piano, including all the Yamaha range, but also a lot of good piano concert or rights. I like the compact and modern design unlike that of the U range with a straight trunk and feet on the sides of the key…

  • Yamaha A1

    Yamaha A1 - Seamaster's review


    My 4th one amp stereo APRS luxman L30, a Denon PMA 701, a Luxman L3. I kept it for over twenty years. great sound, powerful, dynamic, I had the coupled acoustic research ar 12 and a turntable denon dp 1200. no other amp does most impressed me is the…

  • Yamaha S6

    Yamaha S6 - Accordeur-Bruxelles's review


    Hello to all you who love high quality and very professional in terms of musical instruments! Yesterday, Saturday, October 24, 2009, during a performance, what was my surprise when I saw a piano Yamaha S6 was placed at my disposal! Frankly, I t…

  • Yamaha LU201C

    Yamaha LU201C - jtheb's review


    The piano belongs to my parents, they had bought when I started taking classical piano lessons, there are a dozen years. Aesthetically, it is very nice, mine is light wood finish. I greatly appreciate its overall quality. He has a very distincti…

  • Yamaha Eterna

    Yamaha Eterna - Accordeur-Bruxelles's review


    Yamaha Eterna piano is part of the range Yamaha. Ideal for beginners because of the reliability of the mechanics. Good qualitprix, In terms of the agreement, do not expect a precision as you might require on pianos so-called "interpretations i…

  • Yamaha U3

    Yamaha U3 - Accordeur-Bruxelles's review


    About Yamaha U3, I can not, given its price, whether to recommend it to anyone studying the piano so diligently and intensively. the instrument is robust, and for optimum benefit from the richness of its sonic possibilities, like all pianos, it mus…