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Yamaha Acoustic Pianos user reviews

  • Yamaha U1

    Yamaha U1 - wormachine's review


    I also have the opportunity to play on a U1 I Yam. Note that I played on this instrument in the conservatory in a room for the flute or piano accompaniment serve a and repeat students. It is therefore very busy, and I think it deserves a review…

  • Yamaha C3

    Yamaha C3 - ronarch56's review


    If I echangais piano Yamaha C3 baby grand Yamaha U3 against a law, is what I would lose the changes, the fundamental difference is it, thank you for your opinion .......... …

  • Yamaha U1

    Yamaha U1 - the bubble's review


    Well, I'm piano teacher, and I had the chance to try a lot of instruments. The u1 piano is my house, there is only me who uses it (no lves). I have rarely found pianos that sound this Manir! I confess that today I would like a piano acqurir tail beca…

  • Yamaha C113T Traditional

    Yamaha C113T Traditional - Madpianist's review


    I play on a vintage 110A in Yam. A friend of mine is the lucky one year possésseur.depuis What I like least? it is not the coffee! What I like most? So this lady's and gentlemen if you walk your mimine on his keyboard, Fraper an octave and a min…

  • Yamaha U3

    Yamaha U3 - Ludwig_zen's review


    The piano where I was "growing up". I had the opportunity and the luxury of this model to study piano. I've mostly classical and trs sound is warm, round and singing. A wonder to an average budget. …

  • Yamaha G1

    Yamaha G1 - blackmore's review


    I bought fourth-hand tail G1 in 1994. It's a beautiful piano, which has a sound balance excellent.Le touch is very good (for my taste) and mechanical soft and precise. I was in the hands of many different pianos, and Yamaha is in my opinion the bes…

  • Yamaha U3

    Yamaha U3 - Abalorla's review


    Magnificent and imposing upright piano. I bought used six months ago. I wanted to buy a new piano, but trying APRS prs two dozen upright pianos (all brands between 3000 and 12 000 euros), spending several hours at my dealer, my fingers kept coming ba…

  • Yamaha Eterna

    Yamaha Eterna - luciomoret's review


    I use it for 2 years. It s'avre be an excellent piano study and development. I chose among others due to quality and reliability CRITERIA. The quality-price ratio is excellent. With exprience, I would do this choice. …

  • Yamaha MP80T Silent

    Yamaha MP80T Silent - eglan06's review


    I HAVE A YAMAHA MP T 80, the touch is lightweight, high notes are excellent, by rsonnent against the serious, the sound in the bass is not like a piano lour German, I do not know if it's unique to Yamaha or just on the MODEL! The silent Systm is requ…

  • Yamaha LU201C

    Yamaha LU201C - nicorazon's review


    I use the piano since 1986, averaging 10 hours per week. Over time, this is what he can say: - Aesthetically it is beautiful: white lacquer, large. - Mechanically: no problem for those 20 years of play - The sound box is good: in a modern house…