Focal SM9
Focal SM9

SM9, Active Monitor from Focal.

berti91 11/07/2012

Focal SM9 : berti91's user review

«  The ball! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
What characteristics have motivated your choice?
- Monitoring 3 way down to 30 Hz
- Possibility of correction frequency

For what purpose?
large home studio


unlike other models at Focal Twin6 as where the bass is almost absent on SM9 the spectrum is properly restored. The sound is both clear, precise, detailed, it is a pleasure to mix with, or even just listen to good productions. Moreover, we guess right away if a title is produced or not, we remark on defects. The grave may be slightly lower, but at least they do not like puke on Adam S3XH.
The dynamic is good, excellent transient response, I could detect an error on a hard mix of trade (a pop on lead vocals), the stereo is great, it seems that the sound comes from around 180 °. The only small complaint I have is that because of its very detailed it gives, it seems that on some prod the sound is a little dry, a little cold. in fact it is not really a criticism because the advantage is that distinguishes good reverbs, the depth of a mix and can be tested within its own mix with great accuracy.


Just like the previous opinion with which I am completely ok, I use since May 2012, I was one of the first to test and buy. I tested many brands (Adam, Event, K & H, Equator, KRK, Genelec) and models before these, it took me months of research, travel stores, in studios, j ' have compared, took notes on the felt ... In short, I began to despair of not finding the right pair and finally I discovered SM9! I believe the only competitors are Barefoot mm27 I tested and are also most excellent, but the budget ... 10,000 euros pairs!
So the price / quality ratio is excellent even 5000 euros the pair is not accessible to all budgets. I would do this choice without hesitation.
The only big downside is that I would so I bought the first factory outlets and so I wiped the plaster, they have a small electronic problem, they always return me an error message at the leds which does not affect the sound at all but I find bad mark for a pair of speaker of this price. I'll be forced to return to the factory to correct this problem. Despite this, I'm still happy to have my mix has suddenly made a leap forward and now I can not mix without a good 3-way system minimum. Now I can say I know what I'm talking about when I talk about making problem or mix.
And Focal is a French brand which products are made in France, so rare that it is good to clarify without wishing to chauvinism! then buy French :)

PS: attention required to plug in with a good balanced cable if possible, otherwise hear the buzz and lose quality!