Focal Solo6 Be
Focal Solo6 Be

Solo6 Be, Active Monitor from Focal in the SM6 series.

rollandh 04/10/2014

Focal Solo6 Be : rollandh's user review

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The reputation of the brand Focal and comparative listening in Michenaud. They are very beautiful (if it matters if the aesthetics).
Using pro home studio. Taking voice, percussion, guitar. No jack against mandatory by XLR (standard pro). Switch to the back to adjust bass treble, master volume.


Very good record overall. Impeccable stereo image. Superb dynamics, I admit I'm looking disputed points.
His clear and precise (possibly that ATC is more accurate but I have no budget). Mixes super faithful listening to other points.


Used for 1 year. Really good speakers.
For my little stud 'I can not do better. I listened neumann kh120, the focal cms 50 and 65 in michenaud.
The vendor has advised us to listen to the speakers corresponding to our budget for more prices rise, more listening makes pregnant lower range fades. Frankly it is very true part. Neumann, focal are very good brands. The solo is perfect, I have not listened to the event opal side (trops great way to head to my local), I did well :-). I exchange solos for anything. Running long enough though.