Focal Solo6 Be
Focal Solo6 Be

Solo6 Be, Active Monitor from Focal in the SM6 series.

timsha 04/27/2014

Focal Solo6 Be : timsha's user review

«  Very good value for money »

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Value For Money : Excellent
- I was looking for speakers to make autoprod (recording, mixing, mastering) without exceeding € 2000 budget. I knew it would compromise and all that way in these prices, I would have to use headphones to control the bottom.
My criteria were therefore a maximum linearity and details in the range 60-20000Hz with an accurate rendering of the space and the opportunity to work for hours without listening fatigue.
After several plays in the local shops, I turn to Solo6 and it is love at first sight: a non-fatiguing listening HiFi kind but full details are defined as reverbs, compressions, the placement in space. The sweet spot is not extraordinarily wide but once you're there, it's all good, and switching to mono speakers disappear to give the impression of a central line. The surcompressions agree, bad mix sound bad but are good "hair stand on end" down slowly disappears from 70 to 40 but without becoming soft or artificially inflated by the event. (Once installed, I saw that the calculation of the port is so good that nothing is gained by the butcher).
In short, they meet my specifications and I leave with.

For a higher budget you can get better, but it is always the case. I do not work for Focal but I wish good luck to those who are looking better for the same price.


Do not forget that the first parameter to the neutrality of a frequency curve is the listening room and speaker placement. The room itself is an equalizer followed by a reverb and an echo chamber. It is almost imperative to make the most possible absorbing front and rear walls of the symmetrical position relative to the side walls and absorb early reflections at the floor and ceiling.
The second step is to set the listening volume that plays on the sensitivity of the ear to different frequencies.
After these steps are completed, it is so everywhere, with just a little lower short between 70_60 and 40hz. But what I really appreciate is that it is never rough, depreciation is burr-free and has a very good dynamic on everything we hear.


Very good value for money