Focal Solo6 Be
Focal Solo6 Be

Solo6 Be, Active Monitor from Focal in the SM6 series.

DownSideUp 06/12/2014

Focal Solo6 Be : DownSideUp's user review

«  Not my thing »

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For monitoring. Choice because of the reputation ...

The Look is SUBLIME! never seen such beautiful.


CAUTION TWEETER beryllium love it or leaking!

So already it is not neutral, metallic treble for me (ca password or it breaks) and to compensate for a lower midrange forward. But suddenly these acute detail well reverb and other shaker / voice ...

Kindly flattering, but if you know, it happens.

Already not a fan to buy, I buried by me lend PSI-17. For the same price (in Cygnus) was the phase compensation and enslaved boomer, you enter another world. Detail has dropped a solid picture, clear bass curve much more neutral, hidden instruments that appear.

Focal to remain timid sub (low medium high fat, illusion serious) a nice stereo image, but dissociated and details that keeps acute spicy (as we do when we can not phase compensation)

It's still beautiful pregnant oriented rather large and expensive public hair. Living, natural enough, and superb finishes, beautifully typed I would say (unless allergic to beryllium)


IMHO start with HS80 then go on to KH120 has MUCH for money.

a € 1,400 OCCAZ IF you like that sound, Focal are very lively, easy to place and usable but personally for 2000 € new, much jumping on the PSI or leave more for high-end monitors.

I do not like false bearings, for me the Focal Solo are very alluring but nibbled at the bottom (incredible kh120) and top (PSI technologies that benefit small A-14 and A-17, unlike the solos n do not have great things from this big sisters share a spicy beryllium)

Price / quality ratio very blah, but expensive acclaim.

Are 5 years ok, pretty standard, but in 2014 the Solo dangerously surrounded! Cocorico but still!
CMS worse, buried by KH120.

compare compare compare, among you, pay you, etc ...