Fostex PM-1
Fostex PM-1

PM-1, Active Monitor from Fostex in the PM series.

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daviche 08/24/2005

Fostex PM-1 : daviche's user review


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I was looking for the most pregnant ralistes possible (well, you know it's a fantasy, but when even) prcises to have a sound radically diffrent my other Systm is, it all makes Hi-Fi (a pair of Castle and a low caison Infinity) trs that sounds good but a bit EXAGRES mediums. So I headed towards Dynaudio BM5A satisfied me that any fact, when chance was wearing my ears to the Fostex. I t trs tonn to see that for 500 euros less than it did with the Dynaudio Thurs gal (as far as I can judge, because test conditions in the shops of Pigalle are pleased t difficult). So I give it a go and I do not regret it ...
FYI, I connected the output of a Motu 828mk2 and I make music sound somewhere between jazz and chamber music ...


Yes, everything is very well, with a small bump in the trs mdiums high, but overall well equilibrated prcis, pchu, stro beautiful image, really not much repprocher.


I have over 6 months, and I mix my last album on it! I'm going vrifier my work on the big B & W, on Westlake and I found that Fostex did not make me make mistakes mix. At most, the COST on systems allow high-end of discovering tiny dtails screed but which I had no bad surprises. It's really remarkable for a system that for this price!

BMOL one, I have trouble with one of which must be chang tweteers no luck, it happened to me, these things happen. But I think it should not dtail dcourager of acqureurs = increasing, as it was the product of a remarkable report qualitprix, I recommend it hsiter.