KRK Rokit 8 G2
KRK Rokit 8 G2

Rokit 8 G2, Active Monitor from KRK in the Rokit G2 series.

mainger01 07/01/2010

KRK Rokit 8 G2 : mainger01's user review


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transcript of his "neutral" even if no monitor at this price can not be truly neutral. I originally wanted the yamaha HS80, same price and more beautiful for my taste ... Luckily I went to the store to try ("keyboard space", well known shop in Bordeaux, highly commercial and fun). I take from this experience that I will not buy a monitor before listening, the forums are not yet sufficient to replace the personal test, listening to his own style of music. It became clear that krk 8 g2 are doing for me (search for Low + sub particular for the production of dubstep and dnb) frontal air outlet, according to my dealer, makes a difference (unlike the output of air behind the yamaha for yam it is recommended to work at 1.50 m from the wall and I think that's why ..)
voila monitors are less beautiful, I rétissant, but listening was the difference. We buy it after all and not design!


all of these criteria is to be confirmed with the experience of production work on these monitors. but the views of testing everything seems very correct!
a small improvement of the bass, so maybe it depends on the use you make of it


they are not yet unpacked, had no time ... I know it's unfortunate, then I'll post again with a little bottle on those monitors ...

money is clearly unbeatable on the market today. no 1000 references, if you want more you type in the Adam to 700 euros each, so no panic!