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  • Akai Professional MPK49

    Akai Professional MPK49 - BeyondR's review


    Characteristics that motivated my choice were the 49-key, that are semi-weighted ,also the semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch and full-sized keys. The connection type is MIDI. UTILIZATION The general configuration of the soft is quite fast …

  • Akai Professional MPC5000

    Akai Professional MPC5000 - "A must-have"


    Sampler/sequencer/synthesizer, it's a comprehensive machine that can handle a complete production by itself. Comprehensive and reliable connection options, I plug all my synths into it to sequence them. I recommend it to people looking for a comp…

  • Akai Professional LPK25

    Akai Professional LPK25 - "Great for Mobile setups"


    I purchase this keyboard for 2 main reasons. 1 It's small and portable and 2. Akai made it and I already owned the bigger version (Akai mpk49) but didn't want to spend money on the Mpk25 (cost too much for what I needed. I needed something that was t…

  • Akai Professional MPC1000 Black

    Akai Professional MPC1000 Black - "i will always use the mpc"


    The MPC 1000 black, is a midi production studio. When I was first unboxing I was surprised by the quality of it. Since its only 900 and something dollars I didn’t think It was going to be as solid as it was. I figured the 5000 and 4000 are that solid…

  • Akai Professional LPK25

    Akai Professional LPK25 - "i need more keys"


    The Akai LPK 25 is a 25 key midi keyboard that is really small. I was very surprised to see how small and compact it is. The space between the top of the keys and the top of the board is virtually not even there . There is just a little black strip w…

  • Akai Professional MPD24

    Akai Professional MPD24 - "A worthy controller, but not the best"


    The MPD24 is a Midi controller from Akai featuring 16 pads, 6 faders and 8 knobs. It has USB and midi in/outs. It's pretty easy to use, and the quality is nice. The pads feel good under your fingers and are responsive, featuring velocity and aftertou…

  • Akai Professional MFC 42

    Akai Professional MFC 42 - "rack it with your mpc"


    The Akai MFC 42 can be purchased at a good price at a bunch of different stores that offer music gear so its definitely worth the try. It has 42 analog filters and is a rack able unit. My first incounter with it was when I got a chance to use it when…

  • Akai Professional MPC500

    Akai Professional MPC500 - "compact but lacking great features"


    The MPC 500 to me just wasn’t worth the purchase. Not saying its not a good machine, because it is. But to be honest it is no where near the experience you will get when using one of the other models (1000,2000, 2000xl, 4000 or 5000) . With the MPC 5…

  • Akai Professional MPK88

    Akai Professional MPK88 - "Great MIDI Controller for Pianists"


    This is one of the few keyboard MIDI controllers that has it all! 88 fully-weighted hammer action keys, drum pads, sliders, knobs, buttons, mod and pitch wheels, external pedals and expressions, just to name the basics. With an easy to read LCD displ…

  • Akai Professional MPC5000

    Akai Professional MPC5000 - "used for my drum patterns"


    The MPC 5000 is a premier machine for anyone looking to lay down some drums! Or you can use it as a sampler as well. The Mpc 5000 has everything you need to sequence your tracks and you can even lay them out in “song” mode. Which is basically like d…