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[NAMM] Alesis introduces Strike electronic drums

SeriesAlesis Strike

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Alesis has presented Strike, a series of electronic drum kits that look more realistic than ever.

The new Alesis Strike series is composed of two electronic drum kits that actually look like the real thing. Pads are replaces by realmultiply drums with actual rims, the difference being that Alesis Mesh Heads pads replace the normal drum heads. The toms have standard 8", 10", 12" and 14" sizes for a complete, normal-sized kit. Each kit also features cymbals covered with rubber with a wider bell and hammered look, with a 16" ride, a 13" crash and a 12" hi-hat available, each featuring three zones.

The kits feature the new Strike Performance Module, featuring over 200 suctom kits with a samplet mode, SD card capacities, a 4"3 LED color screen and USB/MIDI connection. A dedicated software editor is also available for complete custom kit creation, including velocity layers and round robins, which can then be transferred to the module througe USB.

The 8-piece Strike Zone kit includes a 12" snare, a 14" kick drum, three (8", 10" and 12") toms, a 16" ride, a 14" crash and 12" hi-hat, the whole with a chrome rack. Announced MSRP for the UK is £1149.99 – no Dollar or Euro price yet.

 The higher-end 11-piece Strike Pro kit features a 14" snare, a 14" kick drum, four (8", 10", 12" and 14") toms, a 16" ride, three 14" crash cymbals and 12" hi-hat, the whole with a premium rack for a UK MSRP of £1749.99.

More to follow at www.alesis.com.

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